In , the author, Joe Dauda, humorously takes you through the life of a wealthy man, Dan, who is trying to navigate the rough terrain of business, have a happy wife and home, and stick to his strong personal beliefs.

Dan has a near death experience that has him liquidating his billion-naira empire and going into early retirement on a private resort in Badagry. But like a roller coaster, his life picks up a dangerous momentum as Dan finds himself suddenly caught in an international conspiracy that threatens to shake the political powers of the world. The president is assassinated and the government overthrown by a coup. There is unrest in the country and tension begins to build in the international political sphere.

Dan, a man with no ties in politics, finds himself trying to solve a mystery alongside CIA agents. The conspiracy is found to be tied to a prophecy that came forth many years ago in Saudi Arabia. All trail leads to them searching for a man in Nigeria who will fulfil this prophecy. But one question remains: Who is the Last Messenger and why does the fate of the world rest on his shoulders?

While the story revolves around Dan’s simple-turned-complicated life, the author was able to address various topics ranging from health to religion, culture, history, politics, business tips, economic issues and so on. All these are beautifully penned down in a way that would be understandable to the layman. This goes to tell how extensive this author’s research was on the topics he touched in this book. His dissection of the Nigerian political sphere will leave you wondering just how much this man knows. This book has made me begin to question everything that is happening in the society today and has opened my mind to the possibility of what could be happening behind closed doors.

However, so much was dealt on in terms of the two major religions in Nigeria as Joe Dauda shook several tables that will have you questioning all that you believe in. He pulled a “Dan Brown” that might leave many people confused and possibly angry. It’s left to you to navigate your way through and read with an unbiased mind. He has been able to dwell broadly on the ties between politics and religion and how they seem to be playing a chess game with the citizens as pawns.

“The Search” is unlike any political book you’ve read.  It’s entertaining, precise and carries you along with every single line. This book can be likened to a gift hamper. It gets you excited but leaves you curious as you rush in to unearth the mystery behind the wraps. It ends up awakening in you a desire to seek more knowledge long after you’ve turned the last page.

Hopefully, Joe Dauda follows up with a sequel as the story ends on a high crescendo.

Reviewed by: Yemi Taiwo
Yemi is one chemist you wouldn’t catch mixing chemicals. Instead, she creates powerful reactive agents with the use of words. It’s no wonder she’s called “d word chemist”. You can find her mixing concoctions in her lab.

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