Man who was stopped by a pastor from proposing to his girlfriend inside a church, speaks (Video)

Last week, the of a man who was stopped from proposing to his lover during a wedding service, after he already knelt down to propose, went .

In the video, the of the church could be seen stopping the man from proposing to the lady, saying he wasn’t aware of their and therefore, couldn’t give his consent for the .

The man in the middle of the , Emokpae Ehis, has opened up on own of the .

According to him, he has been going out with his , Gloria for over 7 months, and he decided to propose to her at her elder sister’s wedding which held at Souls Harvester at Udu road in state.

In his ;

the that got engaged and this took place in Harvesters church. My name is Ehis Emokpae. I didn’t regret and never regret any of my .

I am so happy I engaged her in the presence of and her biological was right and the pastor is just a spiritual father. I am the guy and the know me very well..
She accepted the ring that’s what matters to me. The bride is the elder sister to the I engaged.

The pastor said it was the church doctrine not to do that. I have been quiet about this issue because i dont want to a man of God to the … But the case is out anywaY.

The last prayer for that service was taking place already. The consent of a pastors is not needed before proposing to his member. She needs to accept getting married to before reaching out to their various pastors,,, i see no in such act… Engaging your girl in the presence of God is the best thing as a Christian..

I dont believe that was the church doctrine. It was the pastors doctrine… And another thing, i wasn’t stealing someone else’s show. The pastor to the groom’s church wasn’t happy about what the brides pastor did in that service.

Right in the service where congratulating the both of . Please no body should insult the pastor or the church Souls Harvester… I just want people to get the clear of what happened”.

the video ;

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