The Duchess of Sus not only has to deal with the pressures of being one of the most famous in the , she must do so while deflecting the worsening behaviour of close .

It seems they will continue to stalk her by speaking out agnst her — and her royal in-s — until they get what they want. have tten so that palace des have reportedly had three top-level crisis meetings about how to deal with her , pticully her father.

In his latest tirade,  clmed  changed her phone number and was sending him “mied ”, dismissed the royals as a “Monty  sketch” and accused his of having a “sense of superiority”.He suggested it would be better for if he died, and that ss would be disgusted with how he was being treated.

is sd to be “deeply and embrassed” that he mentioned the ss of , and remns angry over his tele inter w he discussed private between himself and .

Most aging in his recent inter were the comments about the monchy itself, which he ced an “ancient institution, stuck in its ways”.

Veteran royal er Phil pier, of Royy Suited: and in their Own , t “ and have tried ignoring the s, but it’s not ing. Before get even more embrassing for the royal , they must try to build bridges.

“Idey, they should out and see or invite him over to London. It is incible that still hasn’t met his father-in-. At the very least, a senior courtier should out and placate him .”

The Duchess of Sus will be troubled by her father’s outbursts.Source:Mega

pier sd the problem med from poor Palace judgement from the t. “They should have ne out and befriended and his long before the wedding. This is ing the monchy and I wouldn’t be surprised if behind the scenes the is ting to bang a few s together.”

Sources t ’s   had three options — speak to him directly and him to stop, get an intermediy to meet with him, or cut him off for od in a desperate hope he will stop. “This could be the final for . A line has been crossed.”

Royal Levin, of biography : With The t would be putting on a front, but would be troubled by her father’s antics — and on edge at what could be coming net.

“It must be desperately upsetting to , who I think is a very od at putting on a od face, but she must be very .

“She was very close to her father and she did want him to walk her down the sle. For him to do that has made her speechless psychologicy and physicy — she can’t say anything to him .”

Levin sd the Duchess of Sus would not be able to speak to her dad about plans to have a or she has discussed with .

will be sympathetic to the woes of his wife.Source:Mega

“I think his duty is to think of her, that’s a pental duty. If want to have a od with r , have to behave properly rself … to talk about ’s private about and Breit was very wrong.”

The situation is so that in many ways, has been left “bereft of a pent” — and the constant wting for a to e could take its toll in the long run, Levin sd.

“I suspect she will feel very self-conscious with the royal . It’s difficult to k how to man being a senior royal so she must feel very .”

would be sympathetic after the and embrassment his own put him through when he was a ng boy.

But Levin does not believe the s e ing to stop.

“I think it will be an oning issue … the half-br and sister seem to the nastier they e about her, the more likely she will come back and be a pt of their . But it doesn’t like that, does it?”

has not stopped talking since his tell- inter.Source:Supplied

with her father when she was a . : Source:Supplied

It is also set to be a massive distrion for as she s to find her place in the royal and achieve her als.

“I don’t k her sufficiently to k if she can put right out of her mind, but even if she does, (the s) can come at night, can’t they — at four in the morning and think ‘not agn’. Also, if have a few don’t want the to k about, will he say that?”

Rumours that her half-sister Samantha is to be a   mate will just fuel the controversy.

“I think they will spout at every possible occasion and if Samantha es into   then odness ks what she will say.”

Levin pt of the problem lay with royal des who fled to bring into the f and under control before the wedding.

Ingrid Sewd, -in- of Majesty magazine, agreed. She wrote in the Ml On day it was a mistake not to visit her father with before their . And she wned the complicated situation needed to be urgently brought under control.

“Most people understand how difficult families can be, but in her position has to be seen to ce, or else her hd-ened reputation could be tnted forever, and no one would wish that on her,” Sewd wrote.

Samantha  has, at vious s, slammed  for not doing enough to after their father, and even suggested she would be responsible if he died.

In a of etraordiny , she even labelled a “wuss” and ced the “Duchess of Nonsense”. She even lashed out at ’s m, , who she accused of “cashing in” on the wedding by an inter with .

At the weekend, she returned to the eye in an inter with The day Mirror, w she sd she fea their father would die of sadness without speaking to his royal agn.

“I’m desperate for to meet up with Dad when she’s back. If she doesn’t, it would be rey cruel and break his het forever,” she sd.

“If they don’t, I’m worried he’ll die of sadness. I just want her to get in touch before it’s too late. Life’s short — neither of them deserves to be left with the consequences.”

She sd he was even of ling to the , unannounced, to try to see her.

Stephen Bates, a former royal correspondent and the of Royalty Inc, sd Mr ’s rival could be “vaguely embrassing for ”.

“Many of us have sly embrassing relatives and guessing that people will be frly indifferent … He has rey become a tabloid figure of fun.”

Bates didn’t think it would rock ’s mri or the monchy.

“F from being silenced by the royals, I suspect she’s not reing on the of ‘least sd, est mended’, rather than getting into a soap -type spat.”

He sd she and had already ly advised they intended to meet Mr when they visited the .

’Shas “crossed a line” and sent the palace into crisis mode. she is facing an anising decision.

is putting on a face as she is hassed by members of her own , and is living with the constant threat they will say something destructive about her, says a royal biographer.

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