Did MeghanMarkle suffera wardrobe malfunction during her birthday outing?

The newlywed celebrated her 37th birthday on Saturday by attending the wedding of Prince Harry‘s longtime pal, Charlie van Straubenzee, to Daisy Jenks. However, an undone top button combined with a friendly wave to the crowd revealed that Meghan was sporting a black lace camisole under her color-block, pleated shirtdress from Club Monaco.

Despite Meghan re-securing the top button, some Twitter users accused the not-so-royal moment of being “deliberate.”

“Meghan stole the show with her deliberate wardrobe malfunction,” said one.

Meghan stepped out in dark-colour like someone attending a funeral, and did she deliberately flaunt her bra for the camera?. The bride,27, and groom, 30, look young and cute, but Meghan stole the show with her deliberate wardrobe malfunction.- https://t.co/4y2yDG3csw

— Joy Musa (@Joywesey) August 4, 2018

I see London, I see France, I see Meghan’s …well, not underpants but just as embarrassing a moment. I suppose the good news is that she did wear a lovely lace bra. pic.twitter.com/edNevO0Kly

— darlene foster (@fdarlene491) August 5, 2018

Beaumont Etiquette founder and expert in all things proper, Myka Meier, tells PEOPLE that wardrobe malfunctions don’t qualify as breaking royal protocol — they’re simply accidents.

“Meghan did not break royal protocol when her bra showed, as accidents or wardrobe malfunctions are not considered going against dress code rules. Her bra showing was not believed to be deliberate, in which case she would have not been seen to be disrespectful by the palace,” Meier explains.

She adds, “A blatant disregard of a rule which was set in order to show respect would when you would consider a break in royal protocol, which the Duchess of Sussex did not do.”

Marilyn Monroe and Kate Middleton

Everett; Samir Hussein/Pool/WireImage

Royals aren’t immune to the occasional outfit rebellion, like when Kate Middleton had a Marilyn Monroe moment thanks to a strong gust of wind during a visit to Mahatma Gandhi’s house during her 2016 royal visit to India. Similarly, Kate’s yellow dress was caught in a gust on an airport tarmac during the couple’s first royal tour to Canada.

Some have reported that Queen Elizabeth puts weights in the hems of skirts to avoid any chance of an unflattering photo.

Despite the awkward moment, Meghan was all smiles for her first birthday as an official royal after her own wedding in May.

Although the Duke and Duchess of Sussex arrived at the church separately, as Harry was with other close pals of the groom helping with arrangements and ushering duties, the pair were seen holding hands together at the ceremony, as Harry gazed approvingly at his wife.

While Harry tended to his duties, Meghan chatted with several women in attendance, including Celia McCorquodale, whose June wedding she previously attended with Harry.


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