(CNN)She was hailed a “phenom” even prior to winning gold at Sochi 2014, now Mikaela Shiffrin is going for famous status in Pyeongchang.

The buzz needle has actually risen into the red zone.
Shiffrin is hot preferred to safeguard her slalom crown, and is a really genuine competitor in huge slalom and the integrated (downhill and slalom). If she chooses to include the speed occasions to her Games schedule, and she might win more.
“You’ve got to be talented to ski like this, however skill is 10 percent and effort is 90 percent,” Shiffrin’s representative Kilian Albrecht, a two-time Olympian himself, informed CNN Sport.

“With Mikaela it’s a mix of effort, being truly skilled, being actually focused and desiring and having the drive to win.”
So, what enters into making the total skier? Shiffrin’s coach Jeff Lackie provided CNN Sport a distinct insight into the training techniques of an Olympic champ.
    Mikaela Shiffrin: I’m chasing after the world

The theory

Shiffrin has actually been all-conquering this season, with 10 wins in 20 races, consisting of 5 in a row after Christmas. Her prodigious tally is now as much as 41 World Cup wins. To put that in viewpoint, Lindsey Vonn– just 5 World Cup wins behind Ingemar Stenmark’s all-time record of 86 — had 7 at the exact same age.
Significantly, Shiffrin likewise gained the benefits of a restored concentrate on speed training to clinch her very first World Cup downhill win in December.
But exactly what are the requirements of snowboarding’s various disciplines? Can a slalom skier manage the Olympic equivalent of Usain Bolt winning the 3,000 meters?