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This Week Was Supreme Court Week

Even before Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement, this was a momentous week at the Supreme Court, with a slim conservative majority making big decisions, including approving President Donald Trump’s travel ban. Bloomberg Opinion weighed in on all of that. And of course we also hit every angle on Kennedy’s retirement and the coming political drama over his replacement.

Pre-Kennedy Pieces

The Court’s Travel Ban Decision Is an Historic Mistake – Noah Feldman

Four Things to Know About the Travel Ban Case – Cass Sunstein

Look Who’s Not in the Trump Travel Ban – Tim O’Brien

Beware of What You Wish For, Court Conservatives – Ramesh Ponnuru

Conservatives Get to Say What Free Speech Means – Noah Feldman

A Power Grab Buried in a Supreme Court Decision – Noah Feldman

Conservative Justices Don’t Care for Antitrust Law – Noah Feldman

Post-Kennedy Pieces

The Supreme Court Needs Another Anthony Kennedy – Bloomberg’s Editors

Kennedy’s Legacy Is the Dignity He Bestowed – Noah Feldman

Rules for Dems in the Battle to Replace Kennedy – Stephen Carter

Rules for the GOP in the Battle to Replace Kennedy – Stephen Carter

Constitutional Law Is About to Be Overhauled – Cass Sunstein

The Next High Court Won’t Reflect Public Opinion – Jonathan Bernstein

Kennedy’s Replacement Should Be Amy Barrett – Ramesh Ponnuru

Don’t Despair, Dems, Get Out and Vote – Francis Wilkinson

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