Lagos, Nigeria (CNN)British Prime Minister Theresa May Wednesday left Nigeria after a whistle stop trip to Africa’s most populous nation during which Britain signed agreements aimed at boosting economic and security ties between both countries.

May is on a three-nation African tour to drum up new business ahead of Britain’s scheduled departure from the EU next March.
She pledged the UK’s support for Nigeria particularly in areas of security, trade, asset recovery and its fight against corruption.
    During the trip, she told reporters: “We have long-standing relations with Nigeria and long-standing, close commercial ties with Nigeria. There are British companies that have been here in Nigeria for many, many years. We want to enhance those trading links.”
    President Buhari who declined to sign the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) trade deal involving 16 African countries in April, said Nigeria was closely following the Brexit discussions.
    ”We are nervously watching the development about Brexit because we know that the relationship had been on for a long time. I assure you that I am prepared to strengthen the relationship between our two countries,” Buhari said.

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    He also thanked Britain for training the armed forces in their fight against the insurgency in Nigeria’s north-east, where terror Boko Haram has waged a decade-long war, killing hundreds of thousands and displacing millions internally.
    ”I am very grateful to the British government under your leadership for the help in security, particularly your training team that is in our institution in Kaduna,” Buhari said.
    After her meeting with Buhari, May flew to Lagos, where she met with victims of human trafficking at an event organized by the Salvation Army and local NGOs.

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