When a loved one dies, it can shatter the world of those left behind. In addition to grief and sadness, they take on the stress of tending to necessary matters especially finance, but as it stands today, the catholic parish in Imo State doesn’t seems to care! All dues the members owe must be paid to the last Kobo before the member can be buried irrespective of how many years he has worked in the church or his financial standing or that of the bereaved. It can be said that in churches , they don’t have “chills” as it stands to their financial commitment and the parish priest wouldn’t be in how mood to write off some debts as it is done in secular settings . This is church today.

The Catholic Church in Nigeria has been criticised for been traditional and not flexible in matters that concerns their congregation. Apart from marriage, burial and other social endeavor has seen a lot of folks confused about the Church doctrines wondering if the Nigerian churches are different from their European counterparts where things are done seamlessly. Critical of the church actions, it has been dubbed that “African mentality” has enveloped the eurocentric organisation. This attitude has made a Nigerian man slam the church for their attitude to a member’s burial who has given his life to church!

This Nigerian man slams Church choir for boycotting orphaned member’s funeral because he failed to pay his monthly dues. The man named Ifeanyi Onwuneme, has called out the choristers at the Immaculate Conception Parish, Owerri in Imo state for boycotting the funeral of one of their members because he did not pay his dues while he was alive and a member of the choir.Catholic Church

An angry Ifeanyi wrote on his Facebook page”Because Chima couldn’t pay all his Choir dues, his Church Choir – Immaculate Conception Parish, Owerri – refused to attend and sing at his Burial Mass.

Some of the said Parish members only arrived at his graveside just to show pretence.That’s too bad for a boy who had been an ORPHAN.

Unlike in Western world where the Catholic Church was brought to Nigeria, the unnecessary levies that are usually imposed on parishioners isn’t common, what members are required is to ensure that the last burial rites are done unlike Nigeria where if a parishioner isn’t up to date in his payment …means that the parishioner wouldn’t be buried and the priest wouldn’t be there.

Nedu Willim & Anthony Emeka Nwosu

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