Nigerians drag EFCC for arresting “89 youths” at Ibadan nightclub. – YabaLeftOnline

The Economic and Commission (EFCC) today, announced that they arrested about 89 boys at a Club in .

The commission on Saturday took to their to of the youths arrested at , as well as vehicles that were seized in the process.

The Commission further alleged that the 89 youths arrested were alleged , otherwise known as ‘Yahoo Boys’.

“The Ibadan zonal office of EFCC has arrested 89 suspected internet fraudsters at the Club 360 located on the Akala Expressway, Oluyole Extension in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital.

“In preparation for the late-night operation which took place over the weekend, officers of the commission had carried out of discreet on the nature of going on in the nightclub which according to gathered, the said club was notorious for harbouring yahoo-yahoo boys.”, EFCC wrote on their pages, as captions to the photos shared.

Several re-posted the , and it has since garnered negative comments on Social media.

Right , ‘Yahoo’ and ‘EFCC’ are number 2 and 3 topics on , as at about 2:10PM, Monday 20th January. YabaLeftOnline Reports.

Most folks on social media questioned how it was possible to tell that the 89 youths arrested at the club were fraudsters.

are some comments ;

@OgbeniDipo: “Less than 6 months ago, the arrested 80 Diaspora Yahoo Yahoo Boys. They already had evidence to nail every single one of them before making any . EFCC can do better. just can’t around raiding club houses and arresting every single person in sight. It is wrong!”

@gimbakakanda: “Please, who knows how this works? When EFCC operatives a nightclub based on that it harbors fraudsters, how do they tell Yahoo boys from innocent partiers ? It’s not fair to arrest anyone for merely being in a club, and then release them later. That’s .”

@RealOlaudah: “My dear EFCC, Leave Yahoo Boys for a while & go after thieving . They’re the greater . One under your just got appointed by Supreme . The that parked Bullion Van on in his is yet to write statement. DO BETTER!!!”

@tawah89: “This is a shakedown. You could be in a bar tomorrow drinking and screaming at Lacazette for missing a in and EFCC rush in a you.”

@Animasaun_a: “Anytime I’m in Ibadan, I always go to this spot to hang out because it is very close to my ’ house. Had it been that I was in Ibadan over the weekend, I would have been part of these guys and I’m not a Yahoo boy. You have also killed someone’s . EFCC, this is wrong.”

@Ditoman2 also tweeted, “I do go there as well. Assuming I was there, they’ll tag me a Yahoo boy by now. is a zoo.”

@Olikoko61: “It is very wrong. I was at that place last week with a friend and his from the . This habit of busting is barbaric. Gather your Intel and go for the exact person.”

Some comments on ;

D’wiseboy Stardom Kenflow: “The painful thing is that one of them.might have just started doing so call yahoo that day, and that night efcc catch him… such a painful story..the is at

Balooniankitme Elisha: “How this can be possible arresting some that went to club to enjoy there weekend after work and hustle efcc went to arrest innocent

Simon Kilex: “This is how you people go around harassing innocent people in this country. agencies are still living in the past. personnel just arresting someone simply because he or she goes for a party. Complete nonsense.”

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