Omoruyi Patience a has taken to IG to c ress out for her unprofessionalism.

Read her post ;

De  , the costumier for the movie “ “,the set u left without saying odbye or finishing r remning scenes . I want to this question , who leaves a ion without saying a word to the ion manr ? I by u would be professional but u disointed me and the entire cast and crew .. Did u behave the way u did cos u were in I k u can’t try the u did to an .. gave us 2 days and u ended up coming the very day we ted shoot ,not like u came oh , came past 12noon and u counted that as a full day . I don’t even want to to how u behaved on set ,that’s an ……, me just not talk about that… The annoying pt was we went to pick u and we were t u left ,not even a word to the , pm or even the .. I u were a professional ress and u k the rules of the ,not king u e a and nl , I sd and nl cos u didn’t even read r script before coming on set (Professionals don’t do that) . ed lost on this set cos the had to tell what each scene was about .. Why do u s (especiy the fe s ) come to and misbehave ? re alwahs in a hurry . k what ,na  give una this level that if u don’t have a face in a movie they don’t buy ,that’s why we still come cing u guys not like u e better than my resses . This also end . I just sd my piece of and don’t b ing me cos not even following . should apologise to the , and the entire crew ,especiy the cos u left him cracking his on how to the remning two scenes u abandoned . Oma oh , d do our own for us but we never behave like u .

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