We'll be seeing fewer yellow bikes ound the .

: Helen H. Richdson/The Post via s

The bright yellow bicycles came into our country fast and furious last August, but after bely a ye in the , the -enabled bike announced it was downsizing its presence in more than 30 . down to a handful.

But its 40,000 bicycles won’t to . Already about 3,000 of its traditional pedal bikes be donated to in 10 different , and more donate bicycles in the coming weeks.

“We want to make sure the bikes in the and to who can use them,” Sris sd. “They’re not ing to the scrap pile.”

The sd just a few weeks ago that the . was the bike- ’s fastest growing mket and third in the . It med to be in 100 by the end of this ye.

It seems likely that ’s frly get isd to that e mntning an presence, even with a diluted or minimal operations .

As to why suddenly downsized after just announcing its big als of riding into more and more , it’s uncle. But what ed so well in didn’t cross over as fully as the had hoped. be it had to do with complnts of bike litter with the stationless bikes, or the sudden inundation of bicycles in .

Unlike with its Uber backing and ship and with its strong VC backing, was still very much a -based with backers like Alibaba and Chinese VCs. In the fight to capture more “last-mile” commuters, was supd to introduce an in the . this

But with slamming hd on the brakes, we shouldn’t epect that any .

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