: We k how the prent feels about the former


An order to have a ship named for the late John McCain hidden from during Donald s recent visit to was not an unable thing to , the prents sd on day.

made the startling claim even as it was reported that the Pentagon has t the to stop politicizing the .

The US navy has confirmed reports about an internal that sd the office wanted the USS kept out of sight when was in . The was reported by the W Street .

McCn died last year at 81, from b cancer. The 2008 Rean prential nominee remned fiercely at odds with over his service in Vietnam and s absence from that w, and over political matters including a e overhaul that k on his vote in the Senate. Since McCns death, has continued his attacks.

said this week he knew nothing about the request to hide the ship named after McCn. But he also sd: Somebody did it because they I didnt like him, OK? And they were well-meaning, I say.

On day, Mulvaney told NBCs Meet the Press: The f some 23- or -ye- person went to that site and sd, Oh my goodness, s the , we k how the prent feels about the former , thats not the best backdrop, can somebody into it?

Thats not an unable thing to .

Press interest in the , Mulvaney clmed, was outrous.

In , the ing defense , , t s he was not to seek an by the Pentagons internal dog, because was nothing ried out by the navy. But he also sd he needed to gather more about what hened.

How did the receiving the how did they treat it, Shanahan sd. That would give me an understanding on the steps.

Mulvaney sd it would be silly if anyone was d over the .

The prents feeling towds the former e well kn, he sd. They e well kn throughout , they e well kn in the .

Shanahan also sd he had spoken to McCns wife, Cindy, though he did not reveal what was sd. McCns , a tele dit, said this week: Its impossible to go through the grief process when my father, whos been dead 10 months, is constantly in the cycle because the prent is so obsessed with the f that hes never going to be a man like he was.

The McCn incident has dogged Shanahan through his trip to , in which he has tried to deal with national issues involving and North . Shanahan is yet to be formy nominated. The McCn issue is sure to come up at any Senate confirmation heing.

A spokesman for Shanahan, Lt Col Joseph Buccino, t the the t his on Friday to speak to the office and reaffirm his mandate that the Deptment of Defense not be politicized.

Shanahan t s he was t that despite the request, the navy did not move the USS and that a bge in front of it was moved before rived to visit the USS Wasp. He sd a tpaulin that had been draped over the ships name was removed, having been put for mntenance s only.

ed if his senior staff were awe of the request, Shanahan sd he had been t they were not. He has also sd he was not awe of the request and would not have authorized it.

It is not kn who at the Pentagon have kn about the request to hide the USS . It is also not cle whether navy ers deliberately chose its crew to be on leave during s visit, or if measures were taken to ensure that the ship was not visible from w the prent stood on the Wasp.

The wship was commissioned in 1994 and named for the s father and grandfather, both navy admirals named John Sidney McCn. Last ye, the navy edicated the ship to honor the too.

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