Pastor Left In The Pool Of His Blood, Church Members Brutally Beaten By Hindu Extremists, Recovering In ICU, Need Prayers

this. are a tender five years , and out of the blue, your daddy disappears. You don’t know why or how, but suddenly he’s gone and you know and experience is your terrified .

She tries to explain to you he has been killed. You’re not too sure what that means, but from the way she’s acting, it must be horrible.

A day or so later, your mom grabs you and flees the only you’ve known. Sometimes she carries you, sometimes you have to run alongside her, but all you know is something really scary is happening and you better keep .

She seems to hear ‘ guys’ behind you somewhere … she looks like it at least … and just tries to run faster. She makes more turns and twists along the way, and your little legs are about ready to give out.

, you get to the river—you’ve glimpsed it a few times before—and she stops by a somebody is building . It’s only partly ‘’, and nobody is around, so she takes you inside.

Then she leaves. You her from an opening in the wall … probably where they put glass for a window someday … and see her from the high into the river! Why didn’t she tell you she was going for a swim?

And that’s the last you see her.

Such was how began for young Kumar of . He remembers little about life with his , except that they did often visit a Hindu temple and worship the many idols there.

The small boy wasn’t alone in the unfinished building . A well-off fellow—perhaps the man having the place built—found him sobbing there shortly after his mother vanished, and took the youngster home with him.

Unfortunately, the rich man’s motives were hardly compassionate. He set his ‘ ’ to almost immediately, treating him as a household slave.

After several years of unimaginable hardship, little Kumar, now 8, fled the second home he’d ever known, again in fear.

Not too long afterwards (we’re not sure exactly how long) kindly Mohan of Bibles for Mideast found the youngster begging for in the streets. He approached the dishevelled and gently inquired about his past. The more he discovered, the more his heart went out to the unfortunate boy. He invited Kumar home with him, and since the little fellow seemed to understand this man was and good, he went along.

, he became an integral part of ; a young brother to Pastor Mohan’s . He went to , studied well, and grew to have a strong in .

On graduating , he went off to Bible and at 25, was ordained a pastor of the ALG (Assembly of Loving , for Bibles for Mideast churches). He married a few years later.

Now with three young children of his own, Kumar’s main ministry has been among Hindus in northern . Due to the increasing, and increasingly violent persecution of Christians by Hindu nationalists in , his young church must of course meet secretly.

He had been warned many times to stop his work but continued tirelessly and with even increasing . His church had grown to 40 faithful believers when last Sunday, just as their worship service to a close, angry militants stormed the believer’s home they met in.

They pummelled Pastor Kumar with iron pipes until he lay bloodied and unconscious. They set on other church members as well, seriously injuring several.

Pastor Kumar and three other church members were finally was taken to , all in critical condition. For 48 hours, the pastor remained in acute care and had scant hope for his survival.

On hearing of the attack, Pastor and Pastor Peter Haneef, along with several other Bibles for Mideast leaders, left immediately for the long trip to northern India and held three days of prayer and fasting in the home of a church member. By the second day, Pastor Kumar opened his eyes and by the third, he could speak again. Doctors were able to pronounce him out of by then.

Pastor Paul made it back to his home by late this past Thursday, but Pastor Haneef will longer with the young church. Pastor Kumar and the three who were most severely injured with him remain in hospital.

Please pray for their complete , as well as for the pastor’s wife, children and other church members. Most live in grass-thatched huts with barely enough to survive, never having to face almost daily persecution.

India is ranked 10th on persecution watchdog, Open Doors’ 2019 Watch of the where it is most difficult to be a Christian. The country was 31st in 2013, but its position has been worse each year since of the came to power in 2014.


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