Planned Parenthood’s political arm to spend $45 million on electing candidates backing reproductive rights


()Planned Parenthood‘s super PAC kicked off a $45 million electoral program targeted toward battleground states for the , the reproductive giant announced on Wednesday.

The group’s self-identified program to date go toward “large-scale grassroots organizing programs and targeted canvass, , , and mail programs,” according to a press release. , , , , , , , and be focuses of the initiative, per the release.
“Who we elect will determine our access to control, screenings, , access and more,” said Kelley Robinson, of Votes, in a statement.
“That’s why Planned Parenthood Votes will use every at our disposal to hit the pavement, the airwaves, and elect reproductive rights champions up and down the ballot,” she added. “We know this is a fight we can win.”
The super PAC pledged to back reproductive rights candidates “from the White to the to statehouses and ballot initiatives across the country,” indicating a state-level focus after a year that saw a slew of pre-viability abortion restrictions coming out of state . Planned Parenthood is among the plaintiffs in lawsuits challenging such laws in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Missouri and Ohio.
Anti-abortion leaders decried Planned Parenthood’s efforts, accusing the group of looking to protect its own finances and lamenting its federal subsidies. Planned Parenthood received $563.8 million in funding in 2018, according to its annual report.
Lila Rose, of anti-abortion group Live Action, slammed the funding effort as a of “ruthless prioritization of and their bottom line over ’s care.”
March for President Jeanne Mancini said in a statement that the funding effort was unsurprising “because this Administration has implemented a pro- in many areas, including the Protecting Life in and Title regulations, both of which impacted Planned Parenthood’s bottom line.”
“It is unfair to force Americans to subsidize through their dollars this partisan political organization bent on electing pro-abortion ,” she added.
This year, Planned Parenthood rejected some federal funding. The group decided to drop Title X funding in August after the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a administration rule blocking recipient providers from discussing abortion services with . HHS told recipients in July that the rule would go into effect despite several pending challenges.

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