Added humidity could make day highs feel like 43C while c front could bring thunders to

Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control

The US sweated through an day of heat and humidity on day, in a stretch of so oppressive that a Jersey drawbridge got stuck, fighters suffe heat ehaustion and deptments from to implo rents and to play it .

day has been canceled, tweeted. indoors, nothing to see . Really, we got this.

The central pt of the country, meanwhile, enjoyed some as a c front moved southd and eastd, bringing temperatures down. But cooler on Monday and Tuesday also bring severe s and heavy rn that could cause ing and produce aging s, the National Service (NWS) ned.

The Colinas up to Mne were epected to see the highest temperatures on day. Day highs were epected in the mid-to-upper 90s Fahrenheit, which coupled with high humidity could feel as hot as 110F or 43C.

opened city pools free to rents as the temperature cracked 90F (32C) for a third consecutive day. in one suburb also posted a tongue-in-cheek request on their p.

Due to the etreme heat, we e asking anyone of doing criminal ivity to h off until Monday, wrote. Conducting criminal ivity, in this etreme heat is -level henchmen , and also very ous.

In City all eyes were on the even before the hot , following a blackout last weekend. Con Ed reported scatte outs on day, the vast ity in Queens. The city also directed office buildings to set thermostats no lower than 78F (26C) through day, to uce strn on the grid.

In , several hund people were evacuated from a on Saturday because of a ptial power out that officials sd have been heat-related.

Elsew in , nine fighters were treated for heat ehaustion and si traned to after fighting a in sweltering conditions. The Strinestown sd all the fighters were released by the the Coago Township blaze was etinguished.

In , crews ed a 29-ye- hiker late on Saturday after he was overcome by the heat in the White Mountn National .

In Jersey, the Oceanic Bridge over the Navesink River was closed on Saturday evening after it got stuck open. Monmouth county officials sd heat caused epansion of the encasing the drawbridge, a popul route for rents and beachgoers.

The heat prompted officials to close Fort Delae State Pk for the weekend. Temperatures were too much for costumed interpreters who we civil -era clothes made from wool. Officials cited concerns for staff, volunteers and guests.

The pks Pea Patch , a Union camp during the , has limited r conditioning and tranation from the can present difficulties for a person who has a heat-related , the Delae Deptment of Natural Resources and al Control sd.

The NWS reported high temperatures for 20 July were recorded on Saturday at its stations in , Jersey, City, West, , , and Wallops , .

On day afternoon the was ting to the northern reaches of . A Canadian c front brought a of thunders that dropped temperatures across northern and upstate . But a heat remned in effect for southern sections of , and Mne, w heat indees could still top 100F.

In many pts of the country, was not epected to get much easier when went down. Temperatures were epected to remn at or above the high 70s overnight, ound 26C.

Eperts ned rents in affected eas to limit . The risks e est for young , the elderly and the sick.

Inland, strong and rn were epected to persist in the , and a c front stretching between the Central Plns and the Lakes region was forecast to move south. The c front was epected to cry showers and thunders, which could to heavy rnfall and ing in the .

s knocked out power to hunds of thonds in and on Saturday.

The canceled or ed across the affected region, from horse s in , Jersey and upstate to a 5K run in Chicagos Grant Pk. In City, a commemoration of the 1969 moon landing planned for s Sque and an outdoor festival featuring and ian were also nied due to the heat.

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