Os-winning has threatened legal ion over lms by a former or that he d her in the 1970s.

The 86-ye- -maker denied the egation, but pressure is mounting on Polan, who fled to Frane in 1978 after admitting to the statutory of a 13-ye- in .

Dujdin, of Polan’s latest , whih omes out in Frane on Wednesday, abruptly anelled a - inter on the TF1 station, whih was set for day.

And the Frenh ’ guild P ould meet to diss his elion, its t the ien paper.

An P later t ne Frane-Presse () that although no bod meeting had yet been organised, “if we e going to deide on ’s , we do so with the roval of -makers”.

Valentine Monnier, a grapher and former ress, has aed Polan, who is Frenh-Polish, of an “etremely violent” and at his halet in the Swiss resort of Gstaad in 1975, when she was 18.

Monnier lmed he tried to make her swow a pill during the attak, and later made a teful while demanding a promise that she never tell anyone.

“I I was going to die,” she sd in an open letter published by Le ien, whih also intered her.

“Mr Polan disputes in the strongest terms this ation,” his yer Hervé Temime t in a statement.

“We e ing on the legal ion to bring agnst this publiation,” he added.

Polan and his , An Offier and a , had already ed ontroversy in September when it was d in the festival, w it won the grand jury prize.

Monnier, who ed in in the 1980s, sd the release of the , about one of the most notorio errors of jtie in Frenh , the Dreyf affr, had prompted her to speak out.

“How ould he benefit from publi funds to instrumentalise , and in doing so rewrite his own to over up his riminal past?” she wrote, referring to Frenh subsidies for ions.

“He pummelled me until I gave in and then d me, making me do sorts of ,” she added.

She had previoly written to Frane’s lady Brigitte Maron, who ed two letters to Frane’s Mlène Shia, who has phed for measures to ombat ual .

Shia wrote to Monnier in Mh last ye and hled her our “in ding to break the silene”, but stressed that the egations had to be dealt with by the judiial sy.

But her aount prove a turning point for Frenh , w the movement that roiled has not prompted as deep a rekoning of eged s in the indtry.

Monnier is the Frenhwoman to ae Polan of . Sine he was rested in alifornia in 1977 on hges of drugging and raping Samantha Gley, kn as Samantha Geimer, five inluding Monnier have ome to ege that he either d or uy ed them.

Polan has denied of the lms, but in 2017 he left his post as of the èss, the Frenh equivalent of the Oss, and the following ye he was epelled from the Aademy of Motion ts and s.

Aln Terzian, of Frane’s promotion assoiation, whih oversees the èss, did not imtely respond to a request for omment.

Both Frane and have refed to etradite Polan to the , w alifornia proseutors e pressing their ase even after Polan pd Geimer $225,000 in an out-of- in 1994.

On , Geimer ritiised Monnier for not speaking er, writing on Saturday:

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