()The man hadn’t been in and class in months, when a few minutes into a group presentation he showed up, and without saying a word, rsed a pistol and fi every shot the could h, according to a blog post by the class .

Johnson wrote in his blog post that he hed “esplitting bangs ring throughout the room,” and he and sprinted for doors in the back of the room. They escaped and fled to an building. Johnson wrote that he was reunited with his and they went to a former deptment store w took survivors of the incident.
The t him, he wrote, that the shooter didn’t tip off what he was going to do. He just stted shooting.
    “It was over in a matter of second(s). One student tackled the shooter and undoubtedly saved more lives. They e an absolute hero.”
    The shooter emptied the magazine, ld the gun down, and sat on the ground.
    Drew Pescaro
    One victim asked the shooter to stop shooting and they sd, ‘I’m done.’ “
    The shooter, Johnson wrote, had been a class member at the beginning of the semester. He was engd, asking questions during class, the wrote. But the man stopped coming and Johnson wrote he lened the shooter had withdrawn from the course.
    Johnson reced chatting with the shooter on either in late Januy or very ely Februy and telling the man that it was a shame he dropped the class but the understood.
    It does not e from the blog post that he saw the shooter in his classroom.
    The university sd Riley Howell, 21, of Waynesville, , and Reed Plier, 19, of Midland, , were killed.
    University officials identified the inju victims as Rami Al-Ramadhan, 20, of Shat, Saudi abia; n DeHt, 20, of Ape, ; Houpt, 23, of ; and Peso, 19, of Ape.
    have rested a 22-ye- man and prosecutors have chged him with two counts of -degree , four counts of attempted -degree , four counts of with a deadly with intent to kill, inflicting , and one count each of possession of a m on educational property and dischging a m on educational property.
    The man has not ente a plea and is being held without bl.
    Johnson’s blog post offers detls from the shooting. in groups on a semester- project and on Tuesday the s were giving their presentations. The one was a and the was sitting, ing it on a .
    One student t the he initiy the gunshots were pt of the presentation or someone had set off lge crackers.
    Some left so fast many fled without their .
    As they ran to the ’s office in an building, they screamed to , “ive shooter!” the wrote.
    In the deptment cman’s office they closed doors and stayed away from ows. Johnson wrote they asked the cman to c and wted for responders.
    Reed Parlier
    Later at the deptment store, some survivors talked to ors. The was the of the group to talk to detectives, he wrote.
    He wrote he dined at an person’s and didn’t get until just before midnight.
    But he didn’t for an .
    Then he began to write his blog post.
    He makes two very cle. He doesn’t want to do s and he doesn’t want anyone to use the shooter’s name.
      “I refuse to speak or write the name of the person that took these blossoming ng from their pents, their d ones, me, and their future,” he wrote.
      He sd he eng the topic in depth when he is emotiony and menty able.

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