Prophet Accused Of Killing LASU Student For Money Ritual Disowned By C&S Church

A white garment prophet identified as Segun who was accused of killing one Miss Favour Daley for ritual purposes has been disowned by the Cherubim and Seraphim Unification Church of , the body of and S churches worldwide.

It be recalled that Miss Daley, a 22-years- final year student of the University (LASU) was allegedly killed for ritual purposes by 23-year-old Adeeko Owolabi, her with the of the prophet.

Luck, , ran out on him when he was arrested by the Ogun Command but not after the victim had been killed.

Reacting to the development, the C&S Church in a statement issued by its (PRO), Apostle M. O. Adeyemi said is no record where Segun Philips is associated with the C & S and officers of the church in Irewole/Isokan Local Area of where the was committed.

The church denied of Segun Philips as a member of the Holy Order.

The statement made available to newsmen on Tuesday said, “We have contacted our officers in the Zone and they said they did not know him or his church. Besides, our Youth Fellowship went as far as locating his church and came with the reports (including photographs) of not seeing any signpost or imprint of C & S in his place of worship.

“We wonder why the Press hurriedly tagged him a “C & S Prophet”. We are not unmindful of the that many charlatans hide under the of Association as guaranteed by the constitution to set up of worship for different purposes. Some of them adopt white garments and mimick our mode of worship even when they are not registered or under the episcopal authority of the leadership of the C & S.

“We appeal to the members of the Press to always ascertain the true of some fake Pastors and Prophets wearing white garments to deceive unsuspecting members of the for pecuniary gains.”

The Church while commiserating with the of the killed lady, also went ahead to condemn the in its entirety, labelling it as a devilish and urged operatives to ensure justice is served.

“It is unfortunate that anybody calling himself a Christian could be that devilish and kill a fellow being for money-making ritual. The C & S Church is a -believing Church that strongly believes in the sacredness of the blood of and frowns at any blood-letting rituals. ”

“The C & S Unification Church of Nigeria strongly condemns and urged the enforcement officers to out the ilks of Philips before killing more unsuspecting Nigerians.

“The Church also commiserate with of the young undergraduate and the entire State University (LASU) ”.

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