Proponents of death penalty for Hate Speech are real harbinger of hate speech -Gani Adams — Daily Times Nigeria

The Aare Onakakanfo of Yorubaland, Iba Gani Abiodun Adams, has described those behind the controversial speech bill as pretenders.

Speaking during the 2019 edition of Ajagunmale Festival in Lekki, , Adams said though the had bowed to pressures from Nigerians to remove the clause for violators of , is need for enlightenment and in order to change the on the issue.

The Aareonakakanfo admitted also that many Nigerians are ignorant of issues relating to gathering and literacy, insisting that the must be flexible to accommodate ’s interests.

“It is a cheering that the National Assembly and proponents of death penalty for violators of hate speech has bowed to pressures from Nigerians, but in a gathering like this, it is not out of place to raise and discuss issues that affect holistically.

“The political that had been playing out on the issue of hate speech and a death penalty for violators needed to be considered with utmost importance.

“I must confess truly, that I have been monitoring the reactions of eminent Nigerians on the issue, and I think those reactions are commendable. Those that spoke said death penalty for a violator of hate speech was barbaric and unacceptable.

“Actually hate speech can incite violence and damage in a , but we need to understand and protect the individuals’ to express their freely and peacefully. It is also a that of speech is an integral component of a free society. Therefore, imposing death penalty on violators is uncultured, barbaric, and not acceptable in our society,” he explained.

The generalissimo flayed those behind the bill, saying that are also the promoters of this bill are the harbinger of hate speech, describing them as of hate speech, especially, during campaigns.

“Many of our politicians today are pretenders. During their campaigns, they promised heaven on , and shortly after they are elected, you hear a different entirely. I feel sometimes whenever I back and see how has drifted from its original ideals of our forefathers, but I always take solace in the that  , whether or in the nearest future, we shall find our feet and get back on the right track”

In his remarks, , Lekki Local Council Development Area (LCDA), . Ogidan Mukadasi, said his administration continue to the Oodua Peoples’ (OPC) and the Olokun Festival (OFF) on   and projects that can launch the positively to the , adding that the attendance of guests at this year’s edition of Ajagunmale festival has really helped in boosting the potentials of the .

“It is our duty and responsibility to sustain this laudable programme, therefore, as a , we will continue to play our role. We will continue to support the Olokun Festival Foundation to ensure that this festival becomes one of the most celebrated in the state,” he said.

The Guest , Associate Adams Kolade, from the University (LASU) Ojo, spoke on the need to embrace the values, and tradition of the Yoruba .

He noted that Yoruba race is a gifted race with potentials to be the best, declaring that efforts should be made to sustain and promote the Yoruba cultural through festivals like this. He applauded the Aareonakakanfo of Yoruba land for the courage to sustain the laudable ideal of the organisation.

 “ is an integral part of our culture. over the world, the Yoruba tradition and are to none. As a race that have been so blessed with all these potentials, there is need for us to sustain all these and one of the best ways to sustain our cultural is to cultivate a habit which will be directed at promoting what is truly ours,” he said.

The Onilekki of Lekki, Olumuyiwa Ogunbekun, expressed delight at the of the event, saying Ajagunmale Festival has come to in the area.

 He charged all members of the Oodua Peoples’ Congress not to relent in their efforts, declaring that the traditional institution across the South West will continue to support the foundation.

Meanwhile, Iba Gani Adams, said with the celebration of Ajagunmale Festival, Lekki will become a top destination in Lagos State.

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