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you’re an active Twitter er in Kenya you probably have noticed some Twitter accounts that tweet on behalf of State Hoe suddenly disappear. The Twitter accounts, @PSCU_Digital, and @KE were previoly ed to post updates about the and the and were managed by the ial Strategic Unit (PSCU).

Mr. Nzioka Waita who was recently appointed as Chief of Staff and Head of the ial Delivery Unit (PDU) has named four Twitter handles that will only be allowed to tweet for State Hoe through PSCU. The handles, according to a statement by Mr.Nzioka include , , and that of . Remember Kanze Dena was also recently appointed the new State Hoe Spokesperson. Kanze took leadership of the core s s, including digital, messaging, , branding and press.

’s Chief of Staff @NziokaWaita announces that the only Twitter handles that tweet for State Hoe through PSCU are:
1. @StateHoeKenya
2. @enyatta
3. @FirstLadyKenya

— Oliver Mathenge (@OliverMathenge) July 27, 2018

“As part of ongoing efforts to enhance accessibility and flow of from the Office of the , State Hoe has undertaken a review of the vario digital accounts that have in the past been ed to convey official on the activities of H.E the , ,” the statement read in part.’’ the statement read.

“Please note that all official originating from the ’s Strategic s Unit shall be strictly communicated through the aforementioned channels. Operational correspondence by PSCU staff to s will be done through officially assigned “” email addresses. It is further advised that State Hoe shall not accept any liability or responsibility for any inaccuracies arising from the reliance by a on delivered through any other unofficial means,’’

The same has been done for accounts with only State Hoe Kenya, and Lady Kenya being left out.

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