Real Housewives of Soccer Go to War Over Instagram Mole Hunt

It was a lengthy , one that was carefully planned and meticulously executed over the course of several months.

And when the big reveal came, it was delivered in stunning , with a sensational and dramatic denouement.

The key players in this tale of skulduggery and are the wives of former and MLS star Wayne Rooney, who now plays for D.C. United, and Jamie Vardy, a striker, who used to play alongside Rooney in the English national soccer team.

Coleen Rooney explained in a lengthy social-media post that she had set out to uncover the mole in her closed Instagram group who was leaking personal stories to the newspapers. By a process of eliminationshe eventually blocked all but one of her followers from seeing her Insta storiesshe planted fake stories and waited to see if they would appear in the British tabloid newspaper The Sun.

The latest of these concerned the basement of her house being flooded; The Sun hastily removed the story from its website today. Another claimed the Rooneys were to jet to for -selection .

The only account left to read these totally false belonged to one Rebekah Vardy.

Coleens move was to take to and to blow the whistle on her fellow WAGBritish tabloid for the wives and girlfriends of soccer stars.

- users and journalistsoutside of The newspaperhooted with delight at the of the D.C. United stars who was dubbed WAGatha .

Rebekah Vardy was quick to launch a speedy counterattack of the kind that made her husband famous on the . She said Coleen was wrong to accuse her of leaking the stories and should have called her . She suggested that her own Instagram account must have been hacked and accessed by a third party, who was then feeding the private stories to .

The -loving referees of social media seem to have come down almost unanimously on Rooneys .

have been persistent rumors that, off the field, they and especially their wives, didnt get along, despite the being pictured sitting together in the bleachers cheering on their spouses during Englands unsuccessful 2016 campaign. Those rumors exploded into the on Wednesday.

The blood is believed to go back to the ill-fated 2016 tournament. At the , former England boss Roy Hodgson, asked about the alleged , said: I havent got a what are referring to. There are absolutely no problems in terms between and Jamie Vardy. In quite the reverse, they are very close , both on the field and off the field.

That supposed friendship looks about as likely as the . winning the 2022 Mens .

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