The Rotary Club of Port Harcourt Cosmopolitan has expressed its readiness to train traditional and faith-based birth attendants in Rivers State in order to improve pregnancy outcomes and  ensure safer  deliveries.

President of the Club, Mrs. Ibim Semenitari, who disclosed while speaking at her installation ceremony in Port Harcourt, said the club will also make effort to address issues of drug abuse and mental health awareness.

Semenitari said: “Please join us as we  improve pregnancy outcomes and ensure safer  deliveries by training traditional and faith  based Birth Attendants.

“Kindly join us protect our women through  the screening for cervical pre-cancers and help provide HPV vaccines for at risk young females in inner city areas.

“Partner with us to provide automatic air dryers to neo natal and intensive care units or help us support bone marrow transplant for at least one indigent patient. Let us together address issues of drug abuse and mental health awareness or help us teach proper sanitation to our children.”

She stated that with support from individuals and organizations, the club would be able to send some children back to school, especially  those who may find it difficult to continue their education.

The Rotary Club President said, “Next  month  is September and  some children will be  unable to return to school, we would be glad if you could commit to sensing children who cannot do so without our help, go back to school.

“Our communities would be better when each of us drops a penny in the basket. Imagine how your little contribution can make life richer for that poor woman struggling to eke a living, if together we can give her a token of N50, 000 to stand on her own two feet and never have to carry a bowl to her neighbor again.”

Earlier in his speech, the immediate past President of the Club, Innocent Iyalla Harry, said the club was charted in 2017.

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