“Seinfeld” be avlable to stream on Netflix beginning in 2021 thanks to a five-ye distribution deal.

180 episodes of the legendy scom, which ran from 1989 to 1998, be avlable to ers wide, the giant announced Monday.

In the ., the show currently streams on , which has held the since 2015. diss the show internationy.

To acquire the from Pictures , which syndicates “Seinfeld,” outbid several competors, including , and the scom’s own net, according to the Los Angeles Times, which reported the deal.

Created by and string Jerry Seinfeld as a al version of himself, the show went on to influence numero , pticully shows directly drawing from the creators’ own lives and points of . has also developed generations of fans through syndication and .

recently lost the to several celebrated shows, including “The Office” and “Friends,” which similly found generations of ers on .

When s deal wh lapses in 2021, “ stream on Universal’s forthcoming service. Stting ye, “ stream on Ma, a service from Wner, which owns Wner Bros. , the distribution behind “.” In the coming yes, ers can epect to see shows move to dferent as competition for new streaming services heats up.

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