Just in time for the release of the new tell-all book Ladies Who Punch, Saturday Night Live went in on The View hard this week.

Youre watching The View, an announcer said at the top of the sketch. Lets get ready to rumble!

Introducing herself as Whoopi Goldberg, Leslie Jones began by saying, Im as surprised as you that this show is a fit for me. She went on to introduce the days hot topic as President Trumps firing of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and asked Cecily Strongs Abby Huntsman for her thoughts.

You want to start with me? a surprised Huntsman asked before struggling to balance her human mother and conservative daughter sides. Did I talk too long, Whoopi? she asked when she was done.

But the sketch saved the most scathing portrayal for Aidy Bryants Meghan McCain, who, as in real life, immediately started a shouting match with Kate McKinnons Joy Behar, forcing Goldberg to intervene by squirting a water bottle at them.

Can I just say something as the princess of Arizona? McCain asked. There is a crisis at the border, and the border is right up in my Arizona, which was founded on sunburnt women selling turquoise jewelry, not rando Mexicans. And thats not racist because my makeup artist is gay.

As Behar tried to weigh in, McCain shot back, Can you let me talk because its actually your job to listen to me!

OK, stop it. Were not going to do this, Goldberg said. This is The View. Were five best friends with nothing in common.

Later, they welcomed host Emma Stone as vixen of anti-vax and former View co-host Jenny McCarthy. My doctor is Google, she said. My science is Twitter, and my religion is Donnie Wahlberg.

What the left fails to understand is that vaccinations are a personal liberty issue, McCain chimed in, launching another fight.

Can I punch you in the face? Behar asked, removing her earrings as Goldberg spritzed her in the face once more. It was just barely crazier than the real thing.

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