So much for saying you want a quiet life, Meghan Markle |

COMMENT: ​So is reportedly attending the Met Gala in . Because where better to celebrate your newfound and “” than at “the the ”, “the of -carpet ”?

What could be more perfectly suited to anyone fleeing “intense scrutiny” and “commoditisation” than a mega-bash to which anti-commodification activist once turned up dressed in a -effect - ? A Pavlova, where the 225 photographers take an estimated 50 shots a minute, before blasting millions of images out into the ether? Although why this is more appealing than a royal visit to the Mumbles Lifeboat station in South is anyone’s .

Anthony Devlin
Has lost the sympathy of the ?

According to sources at the weekend, Markle is to leave at for the night, so “she can establish herself once more in ”, apparently attending the Met Gala with ’s , Edward Enninful. This makes about as much sense as a woman who craves the quiet asking her LA agent to find her a leading role in a , “something that pays big” – which is exactly what one Sunday paper claims Markle has done.

As the Sussexes fly back to to complete their final engagements as working members of the Firm – and face the Royal for the since The Statement, the petulant post from a fortnight ago in which they whined about being made to drop the “SussexRoyal” despite being nothing legal to stop them using it – the pair may have no choice but to brazen it out.

I’m not sure the Sussexes will understand just how colossal a miscalculation that statement was. After , have a young and his wife turning on a 93-year- grandmother at one of the toughest moments of her life. have them disregarding the and sadness prompted by Prince Philip’s ill , Prince Andrew’s involvement with a paedophile and her beloved grandsons out – all because they have a brand to promote. Is there any way back from that?

Had you asked me a month ago, I would have . Despite the acts of clumsiness and the missteps we’ witnessed over the past two years, I would still have said . So they invited a bunch of A-listers that they’d only met once to their wedding. How many of would do the same if we knew and Amal would actually come? Was their dispensing of certain royal traditions really so ? The insistence on ’s christening remaining and the up of their own “breakaway” website?

Harry has always been his own person. At this point, one could still push a convincing that these two were “breathing life” into an outdated institution.

But the precise the couple began to lose the public’s sympathy wasn’t when they chose the of a billionaire in over that of the at , or indeed when they decided to make the desired “break from royal duties” permanent. No – that moment can be charted back to a lament the misty-eyed Duchess of made in the charting the couple’s tour last year: “Not many have asked if I’m OK.”

Because that single sentence managed to eclipse everything the couple were in southern to highlight – from the 1,000 minefields that have yet to be cleared in Angola, to the abject in and -hit in – and make it all about Markle.

Meghan Markle met with crowds when they visited .

It may be unfair to blame Meghan any more than Harry for these recent missteps. But one thing is certain: neither the nor the sentiments in The Statement appear to be those of a happy young couple, revelling in the joy of each and their nine-month-old .

And I worry that something is unravelling behind the scenes. Because if their intention were really to enjoy a quiet life, why would they care about a title that can only ever be used for professional profit and ?

Why would the of LA-based agents, and publicists be necessary and the showbusiness parties and blockbuster so appealing?

You don’t need those or grand branding to live a serene and peaceful life. But solid family ? They’re essential.

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