Fair, the vehicle sttup backed by SoftBank, is loading its with veterans in the , venture and industries as it seeks to build out its leasing program and epand beyond .

Fr.com today announced three key hires to the development of its c , deptment and leasing program with .

Jay Trini, a former Google and , is . Trini direct the ’s development and nology efforts. Former accounting of TrueCar John Pierantoni has been hi as senior of and risk.

Pat Wilkison, general ptner of venture firm Eponential Ptners — an ely investor in Fr — run the sttup’s program.

The three hires e critical additions for the three-ye- sttup as it tries to convince s to try its c-as-a-service platform over buying or leasing a vehicle from a traditional dealership or upstts. The for Fr, a from the $1.5 billion treasure chest it has amassed — is the platform itself.

The was founded by , and s, including Scott Painter, former and of TrueC, on the premise that today’s s, including those in the , want fleibility.

Fr has tweaked the traditional lease to give s more options. Users can to the program and vehicles through the term of their “lease.”

It’s a capital-intensive that requires the kind of eperience that Pnter believes these three s can deliver.

The hires drive Fr’s aggressive efforts ound payment, and as it scales its fleible c ownership internationy and tries to make a name for itself on the global .

“A critical pt of our effort is deepening our bench of talented s to set us up for and into the future,” Pnter sd.

The three hires come on the heels of rapid , a critical and Series B funding round of $385 million led by , with pticipation from Eponential Ventures, Re Venture’s ERGO Fund, G Squed and CitEase.

“After closing $385M in our B, it’s to put that capital to for us to buy cs and propel —with this providing us with insights and ership.” Pnter sd in a statement. “Jay eliminate eecution risk and bring in operational and strategic epertise, Pat is an investor-turned-employee crder, while John is a -class and accounting epert ound whom we can build a and strong auto di.”

Fr acqui in Januy 2018 the active leasing portfolio of change Leasing, a service established in 2015 to lease and nely vehicles to d who did not come to the service with their own cs.

That ld the for what has become a big piece of Fr’s today. Some 45% of Fr’s cs e used by d today.

Fr also has aspirations to epand beyond the ., Trini t in a recent . The hasn’t ly disclosed which it might go to . and , pticully conring Trini’s background in the region, would be the most likely mkets for Fr.

In the ye, the hopes to move into international mkets and grow its force, which likely mean into a bigger office, Trini sd.

“I rey think in a ye’s , at least in the mkets we’re tgeting such as and , ’ll stt to he ‘Why not Fr a c instead of buying or leasing one?’ It be a third option conr.”

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