Soweto family calls for death penalty after murder of grandmother, grandchildren

As ’s draws to a close, the spate against women and continues unabated and the latest casualties are a grandmother and her two grandchildren.

The bodies of , 58; , 10; and , 14, were found in their Protea Glen in Soweto on Monday. They had been stabbed to .

confirmed that they were looking for Dhladhla’s ex- in connection with the killings and he was on the run.

They have appealed to the for .

24 visited the ’s home on Wednesday and spoke to Dhladhla’s niece, , who said the killing the deeply.

to Mokone, Dhladhla’s neighbour became suspicious after not seeing her for two days and called her to if everything was okay. When the arrived on Monday, she discovered the three bodies.

was over when their bodies were found,” she said, adding that the gate was locked.

had its suspicions about who the culprit was.

suspect it was Dhladhla’s lover because the person who did this locked the bodies inside the and the gate before fleeing. have learnt that my aunt had told neighbours that she was no longer in with the suspect.

“The suspect is well-known in the taxi and justice to be served.”

They added that for justice to be served, the death penalty needed to return.

“Should he be arrested and received a sentence, his continue. He able to receive a meal, clothes and to in . We are calling on the to bring the death penalty to assist families of victims to get closure.

, we and our children are no longer in this . We are no longer enjoying this because of this called -based violence that is winning daily by ending our lives,” said Mokone.

said the three victims had to their upper bodies.

“It is suspected that the perpetrator is the ex-boyfriend of the deceased woman and he is on the run,” said Peters.

spoke to at the family’s Soweto home. She had decided to visit the family to offer comfort and . She grew up in the area herself.

She told News24 that she was alarmed by the escalating rate at which women and children were killed .

“It is that during the month of August when we are celebrating Women’s Month, we are confronted with the brutality that women and children are facing. It is painful to have a woman and her two young children murdered in this horrifying way, allegedly by someone claiming to have loved her.

hope that agencies will get the suspect and him [ he can] face what he has done. I think he will give answers to the family and tell them why he did what he did because it is unjustifiable. I know what type of a being does this to a and her children.”

The minister called on , including all , to spare the lives of women and children.

“It is scary to all of when we hear such news daily. It is scary, frightening and it is every woman’s fear. If are a , if that is done to your mother and sister? We have been saying enough is enough and it is not [becoming] enough, and it continues.”

She said the fight to end the scourge was not the responsibility of the alone.

“It is even difficult to police it because it happens behind closed doors. The rate at which women and children are killed in this country is not acceptable.

“We are calling on the police to at least, even if possible, when the victims are buried, that he is brought to book,” Kubayi-Ngubane said.

“The suspect is definitely known and somebody is with this wanted person. We are appealing to those who know where he is hiding to think about what the family is going through.

“If you know where he is, please contact the police. There is a woman and children who are and there is a family that is grieving. You can’t be quiet when you know where is. Please assist the police and come for the family to find closure,” said Kubayi-Ngubane.

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