Stoned to death by her own family: Mysterious grave of 8-year-old girl in Dadu sparks horror

Another day, another . The bone-chilling grave of 8-year- Gul Sama in Sindh’s Dadu has sparked fear and . The incident came to limelight on Saturday after initiated an into the matter.

According to the available reports, the case occurred in the remote village of Wahi Pandi and came to after the rumors surfaced that a minor has been allegedly stoned to by her own relatives for dishonoring her . After kick-starting the investigation, the police detained a man named Maulvi Mumtaz Leghari, who performed final funeral prayers of the victim in a village near Shahi Makan.

Police registered an FIR against six , Ali Nawaz, son of Shahnawaz Rind, Sami, son of Wahid Bux Rind, and four unidentified persons, based on the they have collected initially. Maulvi Leghari has also been implicated in the case for ‘hiding the ’.

Area residents said that a few days ago, a jirga was held and the had declared a fatwa to stone the girl to death under the karo-kari tradition.

Karo-Kari is a commonly used name for honor killing in . According to the tribal tradition in remote areas of Sindh and Balochistan, if a girl or a boy is found to have or pre-marital affairs, they are declared as ‘Kari’ and the death of the victim is viewed as a way to restore the reputation and honor of .

“The girl was a minor but her has not been confirmed even by her . The matter is being investigated.”

According to Maulvi Mushtaq, the victim’s relatives came to him at 8 on 22nd November and informed that he has to perform her funeral. He went along them to buy the necessities for her final prayers. Then he asked them about the age of the deceased, to which they responded that she is 8-year-old.

On the hand, Sama’s father says that she was not murdered or stoned to death. They claim that she was playing with her when a stone from a mountain fell on her . , they are no mountains in the locality.

The police said that it is a matter and a case has been registered on the state’s behalf. After legal formalities are fulfilled, the body be dug out of the grave for post-mortem.


Grave of 10 year old Gul Sama stoned to death for “honor” in Wahi Pandhi, Dadu, after she was declared ‘Kari’ by the members of a Jirga.
14 year old Huma Masih abducted and forcibly converted in Karachi.
Prosperous, peaceful and tolerant #Sindh has been thrown into dark ages.

— Ayaz Latif Palijo (@AyazLatifPalijo)

lies a 10 year old Gul Sama who was declared “KAARI” by the jirga in Dadu, Wahi Paandhi. After the jirga decision, she was stoned to death in the name of “honor” and buried like this. at any 10 year old around and tell me how a child could be declared Kaari?

— hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia🌈 (@Kanjarology)

Every involved in this gruesome of this 10-year old little kid deserves to be hanged in public. These people don’t deserve to be called . #JusticeForGulSama

Die with shame @BBhuttoZardari @BakhtawarBZ. #بھٹو_مرے_تو_سندھ_جیئے

— Jawad (@WoShakhs)

Why the @BBhuttoZardari @OfficialDGISPR consistently failing to protect our innocent ? we faced barbaric MQM and honour killings and . .

— Rafaqat.Sapra (@RafaqatSapra)

Can some one find me a single verse for stonning in Quran..?? Lashes according to who and whom adultery was committed … but stoning … I admit my ignorance could not find a single verse about stoning in it…

— Afat qiamat (@afatqiamat)

Sindh has always been in dark ages and it will lest people will stand against pppp and waderas…

— باگڑ بلا (@khalaimakhloq3)

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