In this edition of Innovate 2018, Andrew Keen discovers himself in the hot spot.

Keen, whose brand-new book, “ How to Fix the Future”, was released previously this month , talks about a minute when it has all of a sudden ended up being trendy for tech stars to desert utopianism in favor of its opposite. The very first generation of IPO winners have now end up being a few of tech’ s most singing critic– easily of brand-new services and products introduced by a more youthful generation of business owners.

For example, Tesla’ s Elon Musk states that advances in Artificial Intelligence provide a “ basic danger to the presence of civilization. ” Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff thinks Facebook ought to be managed like a tobacco business due to the fact that social networks has ended up being (actually?) carcinogenic. And Russian zillionaire George Soros recently called Google “ a hazard to society.”

Eschewing much of the excessive luddism that now fills the New York Times (“ Silicon Valley is Not Your Friends”-RRB-, the Guardian (“ The Tech Insiders Who Fear a Smartphone Dystopia”-RRB-, and other traditional media outlets, Keen proffers useful options to a large range of tech-related issues. These consist of consistent public and personal monitoring, labor displacement, and phony news.

From experiments in Estonia, Switzerland, Singapore, India and other digital stations, Keen distills these 5 tools for repairing the future:

  • Increased policy, especially through antitrust law
  • New developments created to fix the unintentional side-effects of earlier disruptors
  • Targeted philanthropy from tech’ s leading moneymakers
  • Modern social safeguard for disenfranchised customers and displaced employees
  • Educational systems tailored for 21st century life

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