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The sordid of serves to highlight the decadence of the deplorable epoch in which we find ourselves, as do the suspicious circumstances surrounding his . The web of vice and viciousness that he had spun was widespread, serving to entrap not only underage girls but also the rich and famous who preyed upon them. Using the allure of underage to lure his wealthy associates into his web, Epstein secretly filmed them in the of sexually abusing minors, thereby turning his “associates” into his blackmail victims.

Epstein seems to have believed that the powerful whom he’d entrapped in his “ ” would have a vested interest in keeping him from the , a strategy which worked for a while. In 2008, Epstein was convicted in of sexually abusing a fourteen-year- , receiving a scandalously sentence, but due to a plea deal he was not charged with sexually abusing thirty-five girls whom federal officials identified as having been abused by him.

After a further ten years in which Epstein masterminded the trafficking of young girls to satisfy the pornographic and pedophilic appetites of his powerful network of , he was charged in July of last year with the of minors in Florida and . A month later, he was found dead in his jail cell. Although the examiner originally recorded the death as being a case of , are so many anomalies and mysteries surrounding the circumstances of Epstein’s death that many people agree with Epstein’s that the death could not have been .

One thing that is certain is that Epstein’s death removed the possibility of pursuing criminal charges. There would be no , and therefore Epstein’s powerful associates would not be exposed by their victims in a of law. Seen in this light, or in the shadow of this possible cover-up, it is tempting to see Epstein’s “” as his death warrant. He was too dangerous to be allowed to live when the lives of so many others depended on his timely death. It is no wonder that “Epstein didn’t kill himself” has become a hugely , nor that , , and are to produce dramatic portrayals of Epstein’s life and death.

One aspect of Epstein’s life which is unlikely to be the focus of any TV is his obsession with transhumanism. For those who know little about this relatively recent phenomenon, transhumanism is usually defined as the movement in which advocates the of humanity through the development of technologies which re-shape intellectually and physiologically so that they transcend or supersede what is considered “.” At the prideful heart of this movement is a disdain for that is authentically and a sordid desire to replace frailty with superhuman or transhuman strength.

Transhumanism rides roughshod over the dignity of the human person in its for the technologically “created” . Its spirit was encapsulated by Bowie in the lyrics of one of his : “Homo sapiens have outgrown their use…. Gotta make way for the Homo superior.”

Most of Epstein’s so-called “philanthropy” was directed to the and promotion of transhumanism. The Jeffrey Epstein VI pledged $30 million to University to establish the Program for Evolutionary Dynamics. It also bankrolled the OpenCog project, which develops “designed to give rise to human-equivalent artificial .” Apart from his for the cybernetic approach to transhumanism, Epstein was also fascinated with the possibility of creating the “superman” via the path of . He hoped to in a practical way with plans to “seed the human with his ” by impregnating up to twenty at a at a proposed “ ranch” at his compound in . He also the pseudo- of cryonics, whereby human corpses and severed heads are in the hope that technological advances will eventually make it possible to resurrect the dead. He had planned to have his own and genitalia preserved in this way.

In addition to his bizarre association with the wilder fringes of technological atheism, Epstein also co-organized a conference with his friend, atheist Al Seckel, known (among other ) as the creator of the so-called “ ”—seen on bumper stickers and elsewhere, it depicts Darwin’s “superior” evolutionary eating the ichthys symbol, or “ ” of Christians. Seckel fled after his life of and began to catch up with him. He was found at the foot of a cliff in , having apparently fallen to his death. Nobody seems to know whether he slipped, jumped, or was pushed.

Apart from his unhealthy interest in atheistic scientism, Jeffrey Epstein was also a figure amongst the globalist elite. According to his lawyer, Gerald B. Lefcourt, he was “part of the original group that conceived the Global Initiative,” which underdeveloped around the to conform to the values of the of death. Even more ominously, Epstein was a member of the Trilateral Commission and the Council on , two of the key institutions responsible for fostering and the globalist grip on the ’s resources.

As we ponder the sordid and squalid world of Jeffrey Epstein and his “associates,” we can’t help but see his life as a cautionary tale, the moral of which is all too obvious. It shows that pride precedes a fall and that it preys on the weak and the innocent. It shows that those who think they are better than their neighbors become worse than their neighbors. It shows how Nietzsche’s Übermensch morphs into ’s Master Race and thence to the transhuman monster. It shows that those who admire the Superman become subhuman. It also shows that the subhuman is not bestial but demonic. It shows that those who believe that they are beyond good and become the evilest monsters of all.

Those of who have been nurtured on cautionary tales such as Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein or . S. Lewis’s That Hideous Strength will know that often prefigures . We see that the real-life figure of Jeffrey Epstein is a latter-day Viktor Frankenstein, reaping destruction with his contempt for his fellow man and his in the power of scientism to deliver immortality to those who serve it. We can also see that the transhumanism which Epstein financed is a mirror of the demonic scientism of the secretive of Coordinated Experiments in Lewis’s prophetic novel. We even be grimly amused by the that the “” of the demonic scientistic forces in Lewis’s tale is a severed head which has apparently been brought back to life.

There is one final lesson that the pathetic life of Jeffrey Epstein teaches us. It shows us that the adage “the looks after his own” is not true. It’s a told by the himself. The hates his disciples as much as he hates the disciples of Christ. Once he has had his way with them, he disposes of them with callous and indifference, much as Jeffrey Epstein disposed of his victims.

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