Liberty Worship Centre International lead Pastor, Imelda Kula Namutebi has cautioned born-again Churches against disunity and noted that Satan is actively seeking to destroy ministers of the gospel and disrupt what they do in the name of Christ.

Pastor Namutebi explained that one of the more successful schemes that Satan pursues is ‘divide and conquer’, which she emphasised is not only a slogan, but a pretty effective way to defeat the forward momentum of any successful ministry.

“Satan does not want us to be in one accord. He wants to bring confusion – As a church, we are now ministers to the entire country. We have to break the spirit of strife and division,” the Pastor said.

Pastor Namutebi made these remarks on 20th April at Liberty Worship Centre International. She said the church is making preparations to hold a gospel crusade in Namayingo on 26th August to 2nd September 2018 and later in Mbale from  28th October to 4th November 2018.

“Let’s join in prayer and faith for all our brothers and sisters in all countries in the world,” she said.

Still in her remarks, Pr Imelda urged the congregation that while man judges by appearances, God is looking at that place inside you where your mind is constantly weighing various options.

“We do all these things, but God is after the motives behind what we do. Often times, people see on the outside, but God looks on the inner depth of the heart. David was chosen because of his heart not his outward appearance,” she said.

“God is looking for a heart to dwell and shepherd to anoint,” she added.

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