The s e to awd shows what r cousin who used to be close with in but have nothing in common with is to r . imagine that cousin is having a day pty, and have the s. The s hen much later in the ye than the other awd shows, so by the September rolls ound ’ve but blocked and drawn-out presentations out of r memory. And, they occur during day , no less. Even though have been many good s in the past, don’t ely want to give up an afternoon that segue into an evening of drin for it? Not rey. 

This ye’s s lacked a host, a decision that proved to be wise for the Oscars but not so much for the s. In place of a host, they had a few notable presenters that should have filled that role, like Bryan Cranston and Jimmy Kimmel. Thomas Lennon did give a bunch of deadpan voice-overs. He had one good joke about Feli Huffman being in prison, (anyone remember when she won an in 2005? No? Neither does she), but other than that kind of fell flat. And that’s a quote can repeat verbatim at r office water cooler, because I k didn’t the s last night! ’s what else missed, that can also just say with a healthy degree of conviction to convince uy sat at home ing a three-hour-plus commercial for The Masked Singer. 

Michelle iams’ Speech


erupted almost imtely after Michelle iams accepted her for Outstanding in a Limited or Movie, because she gave a speech that is going to be hailed by white feminists everyw for the seven yes. iams ently was paid as much as Rockwell for her pt in Fosse/Verdon, which is , even if the that a woman ening as much as her co-st is con commendable is pretty bleak. In her speech, iams thanked F and Fo 21 stud for paying her equy and listening to a number of her other demands, such as more dance lessons and a different wig. She closed her speech with this: “The a woman, and especiy a woman of color—because she stands to make 52 cents on the doll compa to her white, counterpt—tells what she needs in order to do her job, listen to her. Believe her, because one day she might stand in front of and say thank for owing [her] to succeed because of her place and not in spite of it.” I laud Michelle for ackledging her privilege and bringing to the that the pay gap is even wider for of color. That said, it’s that we have to sit and ly laud studio eecs for… *checks notes* … shelling out a few bucks for better costumes? Doing their jobs? I don’t k if guys have hed about this, but ently ing in Hollywood is pretty sh*tty.

Natasha ne Can’t Clap

can rest easy after this of Natasha ne cling surfaced on Twitter.


In case need a refresher, was what ced lause at the Os:


Guys, WHAT?? e in Hollywood so unaccustomed to epressing joy or congratulations for other that they never lened how to clap? It’s not hd, guys! r fingers need to touch, and need to do it with enough force so that uy make a and en’t just touching r finger to each other like Mr. Burns.

The s Spoiled ‘ Of Thrones’


of Thrones won Outstanding Drama, but didn’t win n as many as . (It still won 12, though, just to give a picture of how entitled GoT fans e.) But on Twitter were even more pissed when the s fewell mont was broadcast, which ently “spoiled” the last son of GoT. To be fair, it did show (SPOILER ALERT) clips like ya killing the Night , but need I re that this sh*t ai in ?? get like, a week ma to claim spoilers. I have no sympathy for anyone who is at the godn s for “spoiling” a highly ized final son that hened n si months ago. Like, don’t get to procrastinate a paper and then get at r for ing an entire semester after were supd to turn it in.

Jenny Mcthy Bombed On The (Purple) pet


As we discussed in our fashion recap, Jenny Mcthy showed up loo like a mess, and also ing like one. Someone gave her a pet hosting gig, someone who has probably since lost their job. At one point, Jenny talked to Christina legate about growing up ing her and wanting to be her. The funny thing about Christina is that she’s… one whole ye than Jenny Mcthy. Jenny asked Christina what it felt like to get nominated for her nomination… when it was uy her third. She also asked Julia Louis Dreyfus to do the Elaine dance and she just said no and walked away. But not to worry, I’m sure Jenny has an essential oil to help her deal with the embrassment!

Billy Porter e Hi


In addition to another show-stopping outfit (Billy’s stylist can do no wrong at this point), Billy Porter e hi when he became the openly gay, black or to win outstanding or in a drama for his role in . He quoted James Baldwin in his acceptance speech, saying, “It took many yes of up the filth I’d been taught about myself, and half-believed before I was able to walk on the as though I had a right to be .” In completely unrelated , at my desk right . He is one awd away from an EGOT—he’s just missing an Os. No biggie, that’s the easy one!

and Got Laughed At


While Khloé was at home live tweeting KUWTK (rough, be ye), Kim and Kend presented at the s for Outstanding . Kend said, “Our ks -hand how truly compelling tele comes from real , just being themselves, telling their , unfilte and unscripted.” Everyone laughed. And while I think the irony is funny, I don’t think it’s completely fair to say that KUWTK is scripted. Sure, every move they make is heavily orchestrated by Kris Jenner. Is the show real? About as real as their . But can we honestly say it’s scripted when surely is incapable of reading, much less off a script?

Jhrel Jerome Paid Tribute To The Eonerated Central Pk Five


Jhrel Jerome won Outstanding or in a Limited for his role in Netfli’s When They See Us, a mini directed by Ava DuVernay about the Central Pk Five, five ren who were pressu into falsely confessing for an assault they did not commit. At only 21 yes old, Jerome is the ngest or to win or in a Limited (I was still perfecting my Jell-O shot recipe at 21, but cool), and he’s the Afro-Latino or to be nominated for and win an ing category. He dedicated his awd to the Eonerated Five, and it was one of the most moments of the night.

’ Cleaned Up


In a pretty major upset (to of Thrones fans, can tell I don’t ??) Phoebe Wer-Bridge and , the Amazon Original she wrote, directed, and st in, won a bunch of . Wer-Bridge won for Outstanding Comedy and , so okay I guess I rey need to get my roommate’s brother’s Amazon password so I can it!

Other memorable moments d Patricia quette’s acceptance speech, which urged for Hollywood to employ trans and paid tribute to her late sister, Aleis. The DJ was rey and chose inropriate music choices—Florence and the Machine was played twice, and Chernobyl’s win was accompanied by “Feelin’ Good” and “ it Off”. I don’t k, I feel like a accident is kind of hd to off. Ale Borstein, who won for her role in Mvelous Mrs. Maizel, gave a speech about her grandmother who survived the and somehow mand to tie it into empowerment. love to see it.

Over, the s seemed a little lost without a host, and although we got some hi-ma wins, the were still overwhelmingly white. If took away one thing from last night’s s, it was probably that The Masked Singer airs Wednesday, October 2nd at 8pm, only on Fo!!

s: s; Giphy

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