(CNN)I’m glad President Donald Trump disavowed the “send her back” chant that broke out at his North Carolina rally. US Rep. Ilhan Omar and the rest of her “Squad” of House Democratic freshmen are as American as the rest of us, live under the same Constitution and enjoy the same First Amendment rights.

It strikes me as fundamentally weak and lacking in confidence if you think the best way to debate someone is to have them sent away and essentially censored. Good for President Trump for disavowing it; I am sure he’ll get a chance to put a stop to it for real at the next rally.
I don’t want to send US Rep. Omar back; I want to send her to the nearest television greenroom. I think she and The Squad ought to speak as freely and in front of a camera as often as possible. Every time they do, they continue to become the face of the national Democratic Party.
    No matter whom the Democrats nominate for president, the message and policies of The Squad will make up the heart of the nominee’s platform. This is a disaster for the Democrats and a gift to the GOP, which is fighting to reassure educated suburban voters to stick with them. Sure, they may not love Trump’s behavior or rhetoric on some issues, but they’ll take a good economy and secure border over socialism, higher taxes and open borders any day.
    David French
    This is a beautiful thing for Trump. The Squad jerks its party leftward every day; its members represent extremely blue, urban districts that just don’t match the battleground states Democrats need to win to deny Trump a second term. Even as the “send her back” controversy was erupting, Omar had other Democrats preparing to play defense over her “Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions” resolution, or “BDS” for short. If you haven’t heard of it, this is an anti-Israeli movement pushed by people whose “anti-Semitism often leads it to advocate violations of the law,” according to David French over at National Review.
    And that’s on top of “The Squad’s” immigration goals, which call for eliminating the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency and the federal Department of Homeland Security, decriminalizing illegal border crossings and providing free health care for illegal immigrants. These are on top of their economic goals of rolling back the Trump tax cuts, implementing an expensive and disastrous Green New Deal and nationalizing all health care.
    The Squad’s platform is not a mainstream set of ideas that could carry a party to a national election victory; it’s a far-left socialist dreamscape that will be rejected by voters in the states that Democrats need the most.
      Even Nancy Pelosi is looking moderate and reasonable these days compared with The Squad, as it frequently weakens her hand in policy negotiations with the Republican-led Senate (see: the recent fight over the border supplemental spending bill). No wonder she swatted at its members in a recent interview with a New York Times columnist, which then caused an immediate Squad backlash on Twitter.

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      The Democratic presidential primary has already seen most of the candidates adopt Squad-approved positions that will cost their party in next year’s general election. President Trump and his supporters would be smart to can the weak-minded “send her back” and change it to “let her speak.” We can win a contest of ideas; we don’t need to get ugly to do it, either.

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