The World’s First Batman Themed Restaurant Is Coming To London In The Spring – Sick Chirpse

are gearing up to be obsessed with over again in preparation for Robert Pattinson’s movie year and Wonderland have decided to in on this by opening up the ’s Batman themed in this .

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The frankly quite enormous complex be located inside the ’s Grade 2 listed building on Brewer Street in Piccadilly Circus and will feature five different themed restaurants and three different , including The – a bar inspired by The that features , live and an international menu – a Harley Quinn inspired restaurant and an speakeasy that will serve and sharing platters. Diners can expect to spend about £45 for a meal which isn’t too considering it’s in London and one these hip new immersive experiences that everyone seems to be interested in.

’s what Wonderland Restaurants had to say about his new venture:

in our are towards fun, immersive and experiential dining and our aim is to demonstrate this on a grand scale with exceptional to .

still a at heart, inspired by the greatest and storytellers.

For me, experiences are about unlocking guests’ and creating edible memories.

I mean that isn’t really telling much about the Batman restaurant but I suppose it gives some idea of his mentality or whatever. Probably gonna have to wait to hear some reviews/see some actual pictures before I decide whether or not I want to out. Could see some losers getting addicted to it though because ’s gonna be so many different to visit , it would take like a whole week of going every day to do it properly. That’s a lot of could be spending .

For more of the same, check out Robert Pattinson’s new Batman costume. Looks .

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