Attention shoppers! The ’s lgest m is being built in and it’s a padise. The 138-acre mega-comple be lger than and is double the size of ’s net lgest m, the ing of P M in , Pensylvania.


Not rey into ? No problem! Half of this m be devoted to entertnment. I’m not taling about adding in a movie , though surely be one of those, too. I mean also be a p, sating rin, si hill, theme p, driving range, lae, and an 18-hole mini-putt course.

The idea is to get into the m for some leisure or entertnment ivities, and while they e , they can pic up whatever items they need to buy. p swimmers and mini-putt lfers also have to pass several stores enticing them in to chec out the la s and wes.

American Dream mall

The behind this m, which is being ced the n Dream, e hoping the concept  buc the recent growing trend towd . After , ms which focus solely on e seeing their number of visitors dle, and big bo stores e closing out.

Just in the last few yes, big that would usuy a m, such as ‘R’ Us, -Mt, rs, and have closed dozens of stores or disea compely. versions of stores, , and trendy sites lie e taing a big bite out of bric and mort .

Arc de Triomphe

Persony, I enjoy a day out to . I lie to see what I’m buying, feel the quality and teture of fabrics, and try on to find the perfect . , a recent visit to my own local m showed that I’m cl in the minority.

Many of the stores have closed out and the hways e no er clutte with fellow shoppers but e more liely to have a couple dozen m-walers just simply seeing an rconditioned to beat the .

food chains

Yet seems to be no better way to cool off during a hot than a dip in a pool, which the n Dream m have. So perhaps their plan wor out. It seems to have wored for ’s West Edmonton M, which was previously the lgest m in the s.

Chec out the for a full report of what this place have to offer:

It, too, has a p, rin, rollercoaster, and simil entertning attrions. Visitors to this m boast its one-stop as very convenient and also clm it is an ect place to bring the whole .

I can’t gue with that since the ids could play at the p while does a bit of and tries out the driving range. Plus, if ’re ing from away, is even a hotel on site.


Surely the Triple Five Group, which is behind the n Dream m is epecting visitors from away since they estimate an aver of 30 million would be dropping in each ye to try out what the group is cing a “ center”.

The Tripple Five Group get a to out a smer version of their n Dream “ center” concept at their simil m in Yor, which is set to open net ye.

This m still be 69 acres in size and boasts a climbing w, a with ’s indoor si and sbod p. It also have an observation wheel, rivaling the famous Eye, a -sized sating rin, and a 35,000 foot aquium

It s , so what could wrong? Well, while ’s n Dream m be the lgest in , the ’s lgest m is in Dongguan, . It’s ced the M, is 6.46 million feet, and is n entirely empty.


It’s dubbed the ’s lgest m and despite also having a rollercoaster and seven internationy themed zones compe with replicas of ’s and a Venetian canal with ndolas, e no customers.

The m has had trouble finding and, a from a handful of n fast chns that operate ne the m’s entrance, the rest of the is vacant. So perhaps entertnment alone won’t get shoppers to the m.

American Dream mall

’s hoping ’s n Dream doesn’t get crushed. The development group still has a few more permits to obtn before can begin, but until then we’ve t the smer Yor version to to.

With mega-ms lie these, perhaps we’ll see a return to the 1980s m when teenrs would hang ound courts after and pop idols uy had tours in centers on tempory sts set up between and Navy.

Arc de Triomphe

Of course, these ms liely have ual concert venues. But bac then we could a Slurpy, catch the la setion, and even buy a jacet at the same . s lie we can add in a quic swim and a sbod session too. ’s to the m! Anyone?

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