Lake , the fourth- of the five s in North , is famous for the wrong . Every so often, when the ’s just right and t’s enough ound, the lake “glows” a ghostly green color due to hmful aal blooms. This is a big problem, not just for the local , but for the local brewers who need good quality to make good quality .

One -based brewery is hoping to high the ’s woes with limited batches of a murky ced “The Creature from the Aae Bloom”. Thankfully, it’s not uy made with aae from . The 7.2 percent Sour Double IPA is a brewed with a tea power and to give it that vibrant, if not sly worrying, coloring.

“We’re going to keep doing this until the aae bloom isn’t t anymore,”  brewery manr recently t The Associated Press. “The goal is to never make this agn.”

brewery manager
Maumee Bay’s “The Creature from the Aae Bloom”. Maumee Bay/Facebook

 This isn’t the brewers has pushed to up Lake . A number of local brewers ed up to lobby agnst the repeal of an -era rule, which could have potentiy made it easier to pollute the lake’s sm tributies and .

and can be a ous combination, . As AP reports, a different brewer from the ea ran into trouble three yes ago after they gave to an group for a project. It turned out, that group had also been involved in an unrelated case that threatened to shut down a local mine. This led a handful of and s to the .

Nevertheless, in Lake is a worthy cause, not just for brewers.

The aal blooms e eacerbated by a process kn as eutrophication. Phosphorus and nutrients from fertilizers seep into the lake and cause Microcystis, a type of fresh cyanoberia, to have a feeding frenzy. In a very short , the aae can swamp a lake.

It might pretty from the skies, but these phytoplanktons produces toins that can contaminate drinking and a risk to and , including irritation to the skin and respiratory distress. The process of eutrophication can also ve the lakes of oygen, causing and to suffer. Bes anything, it can rey kick up a stink too.

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