Yesterday, hpoint hosted and co-, and his at a town h meeting with local entrepreneurs.

A Jack, s, including Kayvon Beykpour, and co- of ; Pag Agrawal, (); and Mike Montano, , took turns to answer questions regding ’s plans for and as a whole.

At the event, the s were introduced to Quoted Replies, the -based bot that s find quoted replies of without having to through the hassle of copying, pasting, and seching.

While telling the of how he built the Quoted Replies bot, Da Oladosu revealed that it gne over 40 million impressions in Ober alone.

Kayvon Beykpour was so impressed by Da’s that he offe him a job on the spot to build a native “quoted tweet” feature for .

When @kayvz asked @QuotedReplies to come at . #hpointMeetsJack #JackIn

hpoint (@hpointdotng) November 8, 2019

Elier on, Pag Agrawal had mentioned ’s plans to decentralise its force into si across . It es the spontaneous job offer was a pt of sd plans.

“I wasn’t epecting this,” an ecstatic Da sd later during a with hpoint. “I attended the event with the hopes of figuring out solutions to questions attendees might have. I also wanted to have a feel of what it’s like to be ound the of . went way better than epected.”

Interestingly, as as Da t offe , Kayvon invited him to join the s on st.

Da sat with them throughout the rest of the evening and was encourd to answer a question from the audience.

The fate of Quoted Replies

Granted that the Quoted Replies bot has become a very useful used dly by thonds of over the , it was only a matter of before built its own native feature. And no one ks this more than Da.

“The bot most likely die off. Slowly I , depending on how quickly the native option for Quoted Replies can be avlable on . But I believe the Quoted Replies (built by Hamza Fetuga and Abdulhafeez Sagaya) continue to be used. They can choose to monetise it how they see .”

Regdless, Da is ecited about the idea of integrating Quoted Replies as a native feature on because according to him, while the bot is quite ful to users, it has some limitations right .

While he’s not ely cle on the e role he’d be playing at , Da says he’s ing forwd to “contributing towds making sure that users, and who create softwe using ’s , get easy access to the useful that they might need.”

We congratulate Da and wish him the best.

Report: sttups rsed a combined $38.01m in Q3 2019, just 7% higher than Q3 2018. Download the report.

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