Leland Vittert

( )Eperts say the back-scratching between and Fo s is unlike anything in the hi of n .

On day he defended two of Fo’s right-wing shows and criticized three of the net’s s s. Most notably of , he used to send a mess to Fo eecutives, urging them to “ true to the that got .”
It was like was saying to his favorite net, “keep having my back and I’ll have rs.”
    During a busy day of he also insulted ; complned about late-night shows; and mused about a of the comedy show “Saturday Night Live.” The sheer volume of — suggesting a St. Patrick’s Day full of ing — was a testament to Fo’s influence within the White .
    Most of the outlets and personalities involved just shrugged off the ’s missives. Fo s and its pent declined to comment.
    By it’s not s that likes to promote Fo s and disp its rivals. At s his accounts read like giant advertisements for Fo’s right-wing of the . But he has cle favorites within the Fo like n Hannity, Pete Hegseth and Saturday night host Jeanine Pirro.
    When Pirro questioned Congresswoman Ilhan Om’s patriotism last weekend, Fo condemned the host’s comments — and, according to a source familiar with the matter, privately suspended her.
    The suspension, no matter how short-lived, was an unusual for Fo to take. And evidently noticed that she was absent on Saturday — because he tweeted “bring back @JudgeJeanine Pirro” on day morning.
    sd and the were trying “to SILENCE a ity of our Country.” This was an ent usion to a recent campgn by a group, Matters, to c out Tucker Clson and pressure Fo’s advertisers.
    “They have out campgns agnst @Fos hosts who e doing too well,” the wrote, ing like a concerned fan.
    “Fo must strong and fight back with vigor,” he wrote. “Stop ing soooo hd on being politicy correct, which only bring down, and continue to fight for our Country.”
    His messs seemed to be med at like Fo patrich Rupert Murdoch and Fo s Suzanne Scott. But he did not tag anyone specific in his .
    concluded by telling Fo to “keep fighting for Tucker, and fight hd for @JudgeJeanine.”
    Perhaps not coincidenty, Clson and Pirro e two of the ’s biggest boosters on Fo s. Both hosts e also kn for their hsh attacks agnst .
    r competitors e jealous – they want what ’ve got – NUMBER ONE,” wrote. “Don’t hand it to them on a silver platter. They can’t beat , can only beat rselves!”
    Nely half an hour passed between the tweet to Fo and the last.
    Some of his posts on day seemed to be inspi by segments on Fo. In the afternoon, he sd that two of Fo’s weekend s s, thel Neville and , and one of the net’s mn weekday s s, Shepd Smith, beed on , not Fo.
    In -speak, of course, that’s a big insult.
    Neville co-ed the noon Eastern hour on Fo on day a co- Eric Shawn. Vittert co-ed the 1 p.m. hour a Laura Ingle. It wasn’t imtely cle what either did to draw the ’s ire.
    One of Neville’s segments was about the possibly imminent release of ’s report. An segment was about threatening to eit talks and restt missile testing — just run-of-the-mill s.
    One of Vittert’s segments was about the recent closure of a GM plant in , . tweeted about it later in the hour.
    St. Patrick's Day
    In one respect, ’s of Fo’s s s reiterated a point that Fo often makes in its own mketing. The net likens itself to a spaper, with s up front and pieces in the back. Fo’s many take issue with this cherization, saying the entire net pushes right-wing nratives. But , in his own way, is distinguishing between the two dis and saying he prefers the di.
    Later in the afternoon, the retweeted a fan who t him that “when those three” s s “show up, I turn @Fos OFF!”
    And he retweeted a that sd Fo was “censoring” Pirro’s show.
      has occasiony criticized Fo in the past, but it ly lasts . His for Fo’s talk shows is well-established and would be very hd to .
      In the mean, one of Fo’s correspondents responded to the ’s bb by ing Neville and Vittert. “They’re both incible s, constantly engd and inquisitive,” Jeff wrote. “I’m proud to c them colleagues…as proud to with @Sheps each week.”

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