Jamal has not been seen since entering Saudi consulate in four days ago

Jamal Khashoggi

Turkish prosecutors have begun investigating the diseance of the prominent Saudi abian Jamal , who has been missing for four days after entering the Saudi consulate in , the Turkish broadcaster N reported on Saturday.

Khashoggi, who has lived in self-imd eile in DC for the past ye feing retribution for his critical s on Saudi policies, ente the consulate on Tuesday to secure documentation for his forthcoming mri, according to his fiancee, who wted out. He has not been hed from since.

Turkish and Saudi officials have offe conflicting accounts of his diseance. Anka says is no evidence that he left the diplomatic mission, while Riyadh says he eited the premises the same day.

Crown Mohammed bin Salman sd on Friday that the Saudi authorities would ow Turkey to sech the kingdoms consulate in .

groups have ced on Saudi abia to verify s wabouts, and Human Rights Watch ced on to deepen its into the case. If Saudi abia had detned without ackledging it, his detention would constitute an enforced diseance, the group sd.

It was not cle whether prosecutors in had launched their on Saturday or elier, and the prosecutors office was not imtely avlable for comment.

is a famili face on political chatshows on ab nets and used to advise Turki al-Fsal, the former Saudi and ambassador to the US and Britn.

In the past ye, he has written columns criticising Saudi policies towd Qat and , the w in and the Saudi crackdown on dissent in which dozens of have been detned.

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