Twitter makes global changes to comply with privacy laws

is updating its global to give users more about what advertisers might receive and is launching a to provide clarity efforts, the said on Monday.

The changes, which take effect on Jan. 1, 2020, comply with the Privacy (CCPA).

The California requires large businesses to give consumers more and control over their personal information, such as allowing them to request that their data be deleted and to opt-out of having their data sold to third parties.

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including Inc and Inc’s have come under scrutiny on data privacy issues, fueled by Facebook’s in which personal data were harvested from millions of users without their consent.

also announced on Monday that it is the accounts of users outside of the and which were previously contracted by Twitter International Company in , , to the -based Twitter Inc.

The company said this move would allow it the flexibility to different settings and controls with these users, such as additional opt-in or opt-out privacy preferences, that would likely be restricted by the (), ’s landmark .

“We want to be able to without immediately afoul of the GDPR provisions,” Twitter’s data protection told in a phone .

“The goal is to learn from those experiments and then to provide those same experiences to around the ,” he said.

The company, which said it has upped its communications about data and -related disclosures over the last two years, emphasized in a Monday blog post that it was working to systems and build privacy into .

In October, Twitter announced it had found that phone numbers and addresses used for two-factor inadvertently have been used for purposes.

Twitter’s new privacy site, dubbed the ‘Twitter Privacy Center’ is part of the company’s efforts to showcase its on data protection and will also give users another route to access and download their data.

Twitter joins companies who have recently staked out their ahead of CCPA coming into effect. Last month, Corp said it would honor the law throughout the United States and Google told clients that it would sites and using its advertising personalized as part of its efforts to comply with CCPA.

Source: Reuters

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