Volcanoes: Fires of Creation – 3D Nature Film | AMNH

[Overheard of a smoking crater among clouds, then a volcano, viewed from the as the sets behind it.]


[Bursts of lava, then views of lava flows down slopes.]

NARRATOR: are astounding of nature.

[A group of three , seen from the back, observe a fiery scene them.]

NARRATOR: They possess the power both to destroy

[Gusts of and during an eruption somewhere in the ocean] 

NARRATOR: and to create.

[An view of the ruins of an ancient below a bright blue sky.]

NARRATOR: Throughout the ages, we’ built our

[The peak of a volcano rises, smoking, with several towers of a church-like building in the foreground.]

NARRATOR: In their shadows.

[A fly-over shot above fields dotted with palm trees, with a volcano in the background.]

NARRATOR: Drawn to their rich soils. 

[An aerial view of a big crater at the top of a volcano, with a city spread out below.]


[A view of another crater, spewing clouds of , rock, and smoke.]


[An underwater view of an eruption.]

NARRATOR: From the depths of the ocean

[Scenes of an elephant , lions playing in a , and a group of gorillas, including a silverback, among greenery.]

NARRATOR: to grasslands and tropical forests, volcanoes shape 

[A view of a smoking volcano top, a view of a coast line.]

NARRATOR: vibrant ecosystems.

[A view of an walking with bags away from a campsite dotted with tents.]

NARRATOR: Join Carsten Peter

[Two people, tethered with ropes, stand on the edge of a tall cliff.]

NARRATOR: and his

[A view of two people descending down towards a lake of lava.]

NARRATOR: as they where few would dare.

[A close-up of the boiling lava.]

CARSTEN PETER:  The whole is rumbling, the whole is shaking

[A view of the two climbers, tethered, raising their arms with their backs to the lake of lava.]

CARSTEN PETER: It’s absolutely incredible.

[Bursts of lava.]

NARRATOR: Discover the exciting

[Two orbs, one large and one smaller, collide in with a burst.]

NARRATOR: behind Earth’s origins.

[A view of a fractured , with pieces and in parts erupting with lava.]

NARRATOR: Every rock tells a .

[A view of a person in protective , holding on to the edge of a rocky slope, above a lake of fiery lava.]

NARRATOR: So what this one reveal.

[Sparks and bits of lava. Text reads: Volcanoes. The Fires of Creation. Vocalnoesfilm.com. #Volcanoesfilm. Logos at the bottom.]

NARRATOR: playing on and giant screens.

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