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Hope had a wonderful . After dodging r inboes for a couple weeks as I ventu off to for a Crunch event in , rested up and ready to .

If ’re this on the Crunch , can get this in r inbo , and follow my .

The big

When le announced detls on their three s (le +, le cade and le s+ — of which e live) back in Mch, the lines that followed described accurately how le’s was increasingly shifting away from hdwe towds services and how the future of the in these es.

I lgely accepted those lines as f, but one thing I have been an awful lot about is how much I have d + since signing up for an account and just how little I have about le + despite signing up for both at their launches.

It’s admittedly not the frest of compisons, has decades of classic behind them while le is pushing out weekly updates to a few mostly meh shows. But no one was begging le to get into . The ’s desires to diversify and own that s have on their le certnly make sense for them, but their strategy of making that play without the of any bed before them seems to have been a big miscalculation.

At Crunch, we write an awful lot about worth hunds of million, if not , of dolls. Some of the that have intrigued me the most have been in the . e plunking down sums on like Seinfeld, and The Big Bang Theory. The buyers have diffe throughout these , but they have never been le.

That’s because le isn’t bidding on , they’re trying to nab directors and s creating the that be the net hits. And while that s very le, it also s like a that’s an awfully big gamble to the aver ing to try out a . Why pick the service that’s stting from a standstill? le has orde plenty of and I have few doubts that at least one of the shows they plan to introduce is ing to be a hit, but t isn’t much in of an favorite yet and for rs that haven’t found “the one” yet, t’s very little to stick ound.

with a half-dozen can afford a few flops because t’s a libry of classics that’s filling up the dead . le’s strategy is b but is ing to to awfully high churn among s that won’t be as forgiving of bets. This is an issue that’s sure to become less pronounced over , but I would bet t be quite a few s unsubscribing in the mean leaving those on freebie responsible for gauging which shows e top notch.

le has also made the move of not their in an so much as the le ’s alternative UI in the . One one hand, this makes the lack of less visible, but it also pushes of the original to the back of r . If ’re a Netfli user who has been subconsciously ed never to use the on r le because none of their is d t, ’re rey left forgetting about + shows entirely when using the traditional lat.

We haven’t received any super numbers on le s+, le cade or le +, but none of the three es to have made the sizable cultural splashes in their debuts that were hoped for at launch. le’s biggest bet of the three was undoubtedly + and while their haven’t seemed to drop any jaws, what’s more concerning is whether the funentals of the service have been ranged so that utisfied rs feel any need to stick ound.

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It’s hd to beve it’s already that of the ye agn, but we just announced the for and we’ve t some -sts making their way to the . I’ll be t this ye, get some and come say hey!

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