‘We’re not saying people shouldn’t believe in God’ — star of ‘gay Jesus’ film reacts to backlash – TheCable Lifestyle


Fábio Porchat, one of the main in ‘The Temptation of Christ,’ says the controversial movie depicting Christ as “” was not to discourage from believing in .

The 45-minute special, made available by , an American service, on December 3, has since generated backlashes from several quarters, with many condemning the movie.

Porchat, who is the of Porta Fundos, a -based group, told  that the movie was generally misconstrued.

“It doesn’t incite violence, we’re not saying people shouldn’t believe in God,” he said.

“They [Netflix] haven’t said anything to like, ‘Maybe we should stop making the special available.’ They of speech.”

He also wondered why Christians have aimed attacks at them for producing the movie even when the gay , which was the most affected in the movie, has been relatively quiet.

“We play at insinuating that Jesus has a friend, and probably this friend is gay, but they have just been having fun and a very good in the for 40 days,” he said.

“If anybody should be angry with us, it should be the gay community because a gay character turns out to be the . But the gay community loves us!

“The show is almost a Christian fairy tale: Jesus off bravely with the Devil and then chooses to follow God, accepting to be his son, .

“A lot of people, when they see the show, say: “Oh that’s what they were talking about? Ok, that’s O.., they’re just having fun, no problem at .

“For some Catholics in Brazil, it’s O.K. if Jesus is a , uses : That’s no problem. The problem is he’s gay. No, he can’t be gay. And that’s interesting because Jesus is everything. God is and white and gay and straight. God is everything. It’s more homophobic to be insulted by a gay Jesus than to make Jesus special.”

The went on to dismiss rumours that Porta dos Fundos only do satires about , stating the group covers and aspects.

“People say that we don’t make fun of Islam,” said Porchat.

“We do, we’ satirized terrorists, for example. But they are trying to incite other people to violence, which for Catholics is a very un-Catholic thing to do.”

, overseer of Omega Ministries, had charged Christians to unsubscribe and delete their accounts on Netflix while nearly 2 million people , which calls for the special to be prohibited and pulled down from the .

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