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What Jonathan Sd On -Iweala’s Latest ointment As Of

Posted by Odinaka on Fri 20th Jul, 2018 –
The imte past Prent of , has reed to the bod ointment of -Iweala, by - giant, .

Former Prent has congratulated -Iweala, former , on her ointment to the bod of - , .

-Iweala’s bod ointment was announced on Thursday by Omod Kordestani, Eecutive Cman of , who sd she was picked a Robert Zeollick, the eleventh Prent of the , as independent directors on ’s bod.

She be replacing Mjorie Sdino, the former Eecutive of Peson.

Posting a congratulatory mess on , Jonathan sd late on Thursday: not surprised that Dr. Mrs. Iweala has been ointed into the bod of .

“If anyone merits such an ointment, it is definitely a woman who ed her nation man its s most prudently and was instrumental to pulling many millions out of .

, proud of . served most meritoriously and more than certn that would do the same at . Congratulations. GEJ.”

-Iweala served as for two terms, between 2003 and 2006 during the prency of Obasanjo, and later between 2011 and 2015 during the prencies of Umu M Yadu’a and .

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