Bishops and Church ers in Imo state on the platform of the Concerned Church ers Forum has ced on the high command to imtely eploy the , Mr. Dasi Galadinchi over a of eged s ing on in sac of worship.
The clerics also noted that Galadinchi should be made to apologise for ing a preacher from the pulpit for egedly prophesying agnst vernor Rochas Okorocha.

The Forum’s , Dr. Cosmas Ilechwu who also doubles as the National (PFN) sd “Church ers in Imo state agnst such of disrespect agnst our sac place of worship. Preachers enjoy a measure of immunity in their pulpit and should not be ed to such affront.

“As a matter of f, I cannot Galadinchi invading a mosque to an Imam for prophesying agnst anybody. him not give us the impression that he was sent to Imo on a mission and not just to do . He should respect our , our and our sac of worship.”

Ilechwu went on: “We reciate that the of Assembly has denied the Ranching Bill but judging by their previous antecedents, we e still worried that it resurface agn like they did in the case of the .

“We e even more concerned by the f that when the South-East vernors met last week and rejected ranching in the region, vernor Okorocha was absent at the meeting. Okorocha’s absence at that meeting is suspect and that is why we e voicing our condemnation of that bill.”

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