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, , and have been down for hours and we don't know why.

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is in the midst of its biggest outage in recent memory. , , and have been down for ers around the world for at least five hours

The company hasn’t commented on exactly how many of its ers are affected, but reports from, a website that tracks online service disruptions, indicates the issue is widespread, affecting ers in North , South , and Europe. ( shares a parent company with Mashable.) 

Besides , and , the company’s advertising tools have also been impacted, according to its director of product, Rob Leathern. ers are also reporting issues with their Ocul accounts.

While ers tend to freak out at even the smallest problems, the current outage is much, much longer than ual. For context, went down last Augt for about 45 minutes, which was a relatively lengthy disruption at the time. 

A multi-hour outage affecting multiple services is rare, not unprecedented. We’re now roughly five hours into this outage, according to ’s developer dashboard (which, surprise, also keeps going down intermittently), and we’re no closer to knowing why or when will come back online.  

said on Twitter that it was “working to resolve the issue,” and confirmed that the problems are not the result of a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack, as some have speculated.

Earlier in ’s history, nical issues were a more common occurrence as the social network raced to keep up with explosive er growth. But now has billions of ers across its services, many of whom rely on the company’s for daily

That these services have been struggling for hours indicates that, whatever the issue is, it’s not something ’s massive engineering team has been able to easily fix.

We’ve reached out to the company for more on the source of the current problems, and will update we hear back.

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