We had to find our way back to joy.

Thats how Transparent creator Jill Soloway eplned the mission statement of the Awd-winning ambitiond certnly unepectedTranspent: ale Finale movie, coming September 27 after five groundbreaking seasons and a headline-making scandal involving lead or Jeffrey Tambor that threatened to derl the entirely.

We could have just sd goodbye and backed away, Soloway t s at a press conference Saturday morning in .

After Tambor, who played Maura Pfefferman, the trans matrich of the shows central , faced two allegations of sexual harassment from members of the Transpent in 2017, he left the , leaving its future in jeopdy.

Playing Maura Pfefferman on Transpent has been one of the est privileges and creative eperiences of my , Tambor sd in a statement at the . What has become cle over the past weeks, , is that this is no er I signed up for four yes ago…Ive already made cle my deep regret if any ion of mine was ever misinterpreted by anyone as being aggressive, but the idea that I would deliberately hass anyone is simply and utterly untrue. Given the politicized that seems to have afflicted our set, I dont see how I can return to Transpent.

He later backtracked on his decision to leave the , but an into the egations made agnst him by former Van Bnes and co- T Lysette led to officially fire him in 2018.

I have respect and admiration for Van Bnes and T Lysette, whose cour in speaking out about their eperience on Transpent is an eample of the leadership this in our requires, Soloway sd in a statement. We e grateful to the many trans who have supported our for Transpent since its inception and remn hetbroken about the pn and mistrust their eperience has generated in our . We e taking definitive ion to ensure our place respects the ty and dignity of every individual, and e taking steps to heal as a .

On Saturday, when asked about deciding to conclude the with the song-and-dance finale movie, Soloway ced the project our to heal together, gesturing at the shows cast net to herJudith Light, Alexandra Billings, Amy Landecker, Jay Duplass, and cast member Shakina Nayfackas well as Soloways sibling, Fth, who comd the films .

Its not entirely a spoiler to reveal that the film begins with the s that Tambors cher, Maura, has died. As the plans Mauras funeral, they grieve in different ways. s cher, Shelley, decides to write a al play about her s , casting doppeangers for her and spouse, including Nayfack, who plays the al Maura.

Nayfack refer to the Tambor controversy as the rupture of 2017, adding that ts been so much magic and thats been created by this show in the last couple of yes, that if we were going to let it go down because of an unfortunate event, wed be taking that away from everybody. And especiy the trans folk who need this .

We asked Soloway about how she roached the tone of handling the cher of Mauras death, as choosing that as the for writing Tambor off the could be construed as the Transpent dancing on the gravethis is litery a al, after of a person whose eged behavior nely ruined the legacy of the .

That occur to us: Was this going to be taken as a celebration? Soloway sd. But in f when the movie, t e so many unbelievably pnful, hetfelt s w our chers e mourning Maura and as ors and as creators we e mourning what has hened with our show.

Soloway uded to the theme of Jewish pn that has always permeated the , and certnly the finale as wellthis idea that if e going too well then someone deserves something bad to balance out the fun. This is too good: Gen Globes and , its coming for us, Soloway sd. And it did feel like that for a minute, like we celebrated too much, we had too much fun. Its such a Jewish question…and this movie goes strght for that question.

When t were asking whether the show needed to go on or even creatively deserved to go on after the , Soloway sd once the cast dove felessly into the chenges of such a crazy idea as a al finale, they k their talent would justify the projects eistence.

More than that, though, the justification was and the meaning the show has had to the trans , as Billings reed closing out the press conference: have this show that begat a real conversation that was not hening before five yes ago.

She reed that t were 13 trans killed in June, which was BTQ P Month. Transpent and the who on it, she sd, e not just in service of t, but in service of a er pur. s a portion of the rousing speech she gave to end the morning:

The show is founded on a truth and a dialogue that had been in such secrecy and shame. I hope realize that as sit at r computers writing this shit down. Whats for to remember is that e mouthpieces in the universe talking to beings over the living in w were still ed, hands cut off because were queer. Beed. Thrown off buildings. So the stuff that re uy receiving from this little, tiny show is much lger than the cs and the computers re sitting on. This was uy founded on someones , for the of Pete. This is historic. We come from hi. So of writing of this down isnt just dictation. of this is responsibility. Thats tistic at its . This al finale is more about going out in celebration, and isnt that the key to ? That for me is everybodys .

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