Cyber attack compromised records on incomes, ta, and of millions of


A 20-ye- er has been rested in Bulgaria and chged with the personal and records of millions of tapayers, as continue to investigate the countrys biggest ever breach.

Buias ta ncy is facing a fine of up to 20m ($22.43m) over the , which was revealed and is to have compromised the records of n every ing adult among the countrys population of 7 million.

Speaking at a meeting on Wednesday, Boyko Borissov described the rested man as a wizd and sd the country should hire simil s to for the state.

But some eperts who have eamined the stolen sd the niques used in the attack were relatively basic and spoke more to a lack of adequate measures than the s ability.

The for the of the attack does not seem to be the sophistication of the , but rather poor prices at the , sd Bozhid Bozhanov, at firm LogSentinel.

Yavor Kolev, of the s unit, sd the suspect was rested on Tuesday afternoon. s rded his and office in the capital, Sofia, and seized contning encrypted .

The into the was still at an st, he added, and were ing into the possibility that were involved.

Buias , , has apologised for the attack, which ed the names of millions of and and revealed about incomes, ta declations, and .

Sofia prosecutors sd the man had been chged with a , would be held for an three days and faced up to eight yes in jl if found guilty.

The attack has reignited a - about la standds in Buia. A person clming to be a n and responsible for the breach ed local on Monday and denounced the s efforts as a pody.

Kolev sd the rested man was a resecher who tested for possible vulnerabilities to prevent cyber attacks.

Buian identified the suspect as Kristian Boykov. Yankov, senior manr at the Buian office of US firm TAD Group, sd Boykov was an employee of the and confirmed he had been rested. He dismissed the egations agnst him.

Boykovs yer, Georgi Stefanov, t his client denied the chges agnst him. He says he is innocent and has no connection whatsoever with the issue. Prosecutors have … accused him despite a complete lack of evidence, Stefanov sd.

Boykov, from the of Plovdiv, 130km (80 ) south-east of Sofia, had posted regully on about and s before his rest.

In 2017, he made national s after eposing fs in the Buian ministrys website, he then described as fulfilling my civic duty in a inter. Deputy Denitsa Sacheva thanked Boykov at the for his .

Buias ing organisation , which wned about possible fs in the ta ncys sy a ye ago, demanded that detled about the leak be sent to every person and affected.

We need to k so that at least we can be awe of possible s, sd Stanislav Popdonchev.

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