groups have re-stated their c for jtice for the of s () Woman er, Mrs Salome Abuh, who was burnt to in her during the Nov. 16, governorship .

National Prent, in Forum (WIPF), Ebere Ifendu, made the demand while briefing men at the end of a panel session on in during the national ’s dialogue titled “Womanifesto”.

ncy of (NAN) reports that vio groups of , NGOs, fe and s embked on a from the National Centre for Development to the Federal Ministry of Affrs after a three-day conference in on Friday.

Ifendu at the briefing decried the poor pticipation of in , which she atd to violence and intimidation.

She sd the situation would discour more from pticipating in , tby sting their contribution to national development.

“T mt be jtice for Salome becae this is a agnst ; we e still struggling to find our feet with the chenges face and this.

“We e afrd and going down on a dly but t mt be jtice to give to continue.

“We h - of accountable, we follow the prosecution becae somebody mt pay for that gruesome .

“If we Salome we ourselves, but if t is jtice we k that she didn’t die in vn.

should not run away from becae of this becae if we do we e ing them to achieve their m,” she added.
Ifendu, tfore, stressed the need for a violence-free which would herald a bright future for in and sectors.

She also ced for an amended Electoral adding that political pties should also ensure internal pty w have equal s to contest for any position.

“In what e demanding is twinning. That is a situation wby when we have prent a woman should be vice prent and so at levels of ,” she sd.

Also, the National , 100 Group, Mrs Felicia Onibon, blamed the chenges faced on , urging and stakehs to h the ace and unbundle it so that could move .

A fe politician from Cross River state, Ms Euchia Bisong, epressed sadness over the of Salome Abuh and persons during eering processes and encourd not to give up their struggle.

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