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captionJonathan Ag takes over tube announcements for the final.

s fans riving by Tube for the final of the find themselves greeted by correspondent Jonathan Ag.

Announcements read by the be relayed at St John’s Wood – the north-west that is closest to Lord’s.

Aggers’s passenger : “To avoid being run out, please h the handrl on the escalator.”

take on Zealand on day with cover on Radio 5 Live.

In an , the correspondent wns: “For some St John’s Wood is a very y station so h on to r hats.”

caption fans be hoping for a simil from their as Thursday’s semi-final

Speaking about recording the broadcasts, Ag, who played for in the 1980s, sd it had been “ fun spending in the control room”.

“I accidenty played one of my announcements out over the , which was a bit embrassing – but I think I got away with it!” he sd.

London Underground station
caption St John’s Wood station is likely to be conrably busier than this on day morning

Both Zealand and , who were last in a final in 1992, be ming to win the competition for the ever .

For those who not be at Lord’s – and not get to he Ag’s announcements – the is set to be the of the tournament to be broadcast on free-to-r tele in the after Channel 4 agreed a deal with rights holder Sky.

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